One of the prominent names in the automotive industry, BMW and Continental, an automotive supplier, have ventured to work together in the making of automated and smart driving system on the European freeways. They have agreed recently this year to work together on the project. The system will be called a co – pilot system, which will assist automated and comfortable driving.

This is perfect news for people who want safe and secure driving environment. After the introduction of an automated driving system, the image of accident free driving will become reality. There will be less accidents and people will not lose their life in the road accidents. The project will be completed in 2020 and the automated driving system will get started in the same year of 2020.


The project will be done to reduce the road accident will be underway from the year, 2014. According to Mar. Deganhart, who is chairman of Continental, cited that automated system is going to be popular and the key element that will change the concept of mobility. He added that the system will boost the safety, efficiency and comfort of the people.

He commented that the venture with BMW group is going to be vital for the future of road driving. According to him, together they will be able to make a safe, free-accident, and comfortable driving environment where people will take the advantage of such cutting edge technology to stay safe health.

Both the giant will build several automated vehicles to test the project first. These dummy vehicles will be tested by a team of experts and trained people. The team will analyze the system and efficiency before they hit the road in real. The testing will be done on the German freeways. The test also will be done on several other European freeways.

The test will examine the comfort and efficiency of the system by going through all the challenges that freeways offer to a vehicle driver. Both companies have experienced in making of vehicles that has driven itself. They have enough experience in making intelligent vehicles that can be used to reduce accidents on the road.

The automated system is the good news for people who are spending their most of the time on the road. They will easily manage the road in 2020 to reduce the accident by using those automated systems. Not just reducing accidents, they system will be developed to enhance the comfort level of the riders. So, as the experiment going to start in 2014, all you have to do is to wait until 2020, the year when you can easily drive cars that are accident free, and made to enhance the driving experience of European drivers.