Before shopping for a car do your homework on the dealership. The source of your buy can have a strong influence on the car being purchased. If you note pushy sales people, a less than clean environment and an overall negative, dour energy surrounding the dealership, red flags are telling you to stay away. Only desperate dealers put out this type of energy.

If on the other hand you see a clean, orderly dealership with helpful, confident staff you can rest assured the experience will be a good one.

Think about the massive investment you’re about to make. Most people put more thought into small ticket purchases versus bigger investments like buying a car. Find the right dealership for you to make an informed, confident, clear decision with your purchase.

3 Tips For Finding A Trusted Car Dealership

Follow these tips for finding a trusted car dealership.

How Does it Look?

Car dealerships are judged by appearances. Trusted dealers convey a spirit of opulence. This means that any good, reputable dealer had a spotless, clean and orderly showroom floor. It’s like the cars and the dealership itself are models up for inspection. Everything must be perfect. Floors should be clean and tidy. Cars should be displayed with ample spacing. Don’t let the dealer slide on this one. Sloppy, less than orderly dealers are giving off a series of dangerous red flags. If these guys can’t keep their shop in order you can’t trust the cars for sale.

Inspect the dealer grounds with a fine-toothed comb. Seeing your dream car on the showroom floor does not give the dealership a free pass. Look for tidiness. Demand a spit shine. Good dealers know image means everything. Spotting a dirty dealership is a clear signal; move on to the next seller to buy with confidence and clarity.

Used Car Salesman?

You know the type; the sleazy, pushy used car salesman who claws and fights tooth and nail just to make a sale. Even the most fair and honest buyer is repulsed by these individuals. Needless to say, if you are stalked or hunted by such a sales person on entering a dealership run to the next dealer. No business with a solid reputation would hire pushy sales people. Pushiness screams of desperation and desperate sales people are reflective of the overall vibe in the dealership.

Do not compromise on this one. If you don’t feel at ease with sales people politely decline to explore the dealer further and leave immediately. You will feel terrible making a purchase you were pressured into making.

Reputable dealerships employ reputable sales people. Sales people know that using power versus force is the best way to allow the cars to sell themselves. Successful dealers employ a staff of helpful, pleasant and self-assured sales people who don’t need to push to make a sale. Seek out these high energy folks and you will have found yourself a reputable dealership.

Use the Internet to Save Gas Money and Time

Do your online due diligence before visiting dealerships in person. Online research makes your life easier. Visit forums to get a feel for local dealers. Stop by social media communities for customer feedback. These online sites give you all you need to know to whittle down your dealership watch list from a cyber-environment. Don’t bother pushing yourself to visit a whole slew of dealerships in person. Do some online leg work to save yourself precious time and energy.

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