The spring is probably a very busy time of the year when it comes to social events. It seems as though people around Australia are gearing up for a ton of spring activities which also includes getting married, proposing, graduation bashes etc. While most events do not require that you rent a stretch limo, events like weddings and proms certainly do.

However, there are a few things you should know before you choose and hand over the cash to a stretch limo company.

The types of vehicles available

Before you even walk down to your nearest car hire company you need to decide on the purpose and the capacity of the vehicle. Think about how many people will be travelling with you. If it’s a prom or wedding chances are that there will be around 6 people on average in the same vehicle. However, if its 8 to 10 people then a large limousine is probably the best option? If you’re just going to travel with 4 passengers at most then a luxury sedan should do well for the occasion. Many luxury sedans come complete with DVD players and television. But they end up being a lot cheaper than hiring a stretch limo.

A funky limo option

If you are going on a funky excursion you could possibly rent a Ford Excursion limo which happens to be a superior version of the normal family friendly model. These often large looking SUVs can easily seat around 5 people and feature a leather interior, DVD, TV, mini bar, internet and neon lighting.

The best option for weddings

If you want to make a very good and impactful entrance to your wedding on a budget the Lincoln Stretch Limo is a good pick. The vehicle can seat around 10 people and so it’s also great for bachelorette and bachelor parties. Most car hire companies will equip their Lincoln Stretch limo with a number of features which include DVD players, TVs, mirrored star gazer ceilings, neon lights, internet, and in some cases an Xbox. There are also some incredible décor options to choose from that will make the event more entertaining.

If you’re going out on a date and need to make a killer impression the stretch Hummer H2 limo is the best. These beasts can handle a whopping 16 passengers with ease. Many of these limos have 2 flat screen TVs complete with surround sound, Xbox 360s, DVD players and ice chests. There are also laser lights and surprisingly great smoke machines making it possible for you to party on board.

A few other things to consider

Apart from price, and the type of vehicle you are leaning towards there are other things you also need to consider which include:

  • Once you have settled on a vehicle you need to inspect it thoroughly prior to deciding to rent or book it. There are countless cases of disagreements between the limousine service and the customer owing to a difference in what was expected and what was delivered. So, if it’s possible to look and even test drive the car you want to hire before renting it, make sure you take advantage of this option since you obviously don’t want to be stranded in the middle of the highway on your special night. If you are not able to physically inspect the vehicle ask the company to email you pictures.
  • The company you choose should have licensed drivers. You need to find a company that runs a background check on all their drivers prior to hiring them. You should also speak to the hire company about the provisions they make in the event of an accident or collision. It is also important to check the contract out properly prior to signing it.

One of the most common mistakes people make is being in a hurry. They often get carried away with the prospect of being chauffeured in a luxury vehicle in which case they forget about why they are renting a vehicle in the first place. Always check the contract and speak to the person in charge to find out if there are extra fees. Things like onboard drinks and bars often incur an extra expense so make sure you know what that price is.

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Mark has over 18 years in the car rental industry. He currently works for a Deblanco in Sydney where he prides himself on having the very best vehicles.