One of the greatest challenges of industrial operations comes in form of storage and shipping. If you own an industrial facility, it is highly likely that you are faced with logistical nightmares when it comes to perfectly fitting your products into available bins before shipment. One of the main problems comes in fitting products into manufactured bins that are not cut to your specifications.

Banking on Innovation

Well, you are in luck because modern storage solution providers are making innovative made-to-measure collapsible bins, which make it easier for you to pack any products and ship seamlessly. These bins retain the same standard base measurements but the walls can be folded.

Once you place the product on the base, the collapsible walls are then raised to enable fork lifting and shipment. This seemingly easy innovation has been lacking in the shipping industry for long, but you can now leverage the state-of-the-art technology offered by SSI in their collapsible bins to create a competitive edge over your customers.

Why Use Collapsible Containers?

There are myriad more benefits of using these products in your logistical operations.  Take a look:

  • Space maximization: Every warehouse groans under the weight of products waiting for shipment. If bins are also stored in the same space, then you will have a space utilization nightmare.  Collapsible bins can be folded and stacked on top of each other when not in use to make better use of your warehouse floor.
  • Re-use: The increasing cost of storage and shipping calls for innovative cost-cutting approaches. These storage products can save you a lot of money because the receivers will return them to you. The traditional corrugated and wooden containers are perishable meaning you incur extra cost in shipping.
  • Safety: Compared to the conventional storage bins, these hard plastic alternatives offer better protection for your goods during the bumpy rides involved in shipping.
  • Cheaper packaging options: The Schaefer Systems International, Inc will enable you save on shipping costs because they will be returned and reused. What’s more, they also save you warehousing space which you would have leased to accommodate all your goods and storage bins.
  • Ease of unpacking:  It is easier to handle products contained in SSI collapsible bins because all one needs to do is unfold the walls. This saves time and in turn increases productivity. Well, this is the dream of every warehouse manager.
  • Lightweight storage alternative:  Wood and metal are common storage bin materials but they are bulky, and this means storage and shipping at your facility will involve a lot of labor.  Plastic collapsible bins are lightweight but still sturdy to protect your products.

There are different types of collapsible bins available from the company. Some have one door while others have interlocking walls to safely lock the products during shipping. You can also choose those with lids depending on the product you are shipping.

Managing your storage and shipping logistics can be a daunting task but with these bins, you will not only save money but also make it easier to handle products during the process.