Have you taken a good look around your home and thought about some things you would definitely like to change? You may wish that you had more space, or perhaps your bathroom is looking old and shabby. Your cupboards and counter space in the kitchen may be inefficient and outdated. If you are interested in major renovations there are contractors available to work with you on a detailed design, material selections and cost estimates. Their expertise will provide stress free home renovations. Following are five suggested home renovations to consider.

Kitchen Counter Tops:

There are some beautiful and durable materials for counter tops that are also budget friendly. Granite, quartz, and concrete come in a variety of colors, are resistant to heat and resist scratches. According to Alair Homes who specialize in major renovations in Prince George, it is generally recommended that these counter tops be professionally installed. This improvement will greatly enhance the kitchen’s appearance and function.

5 Stress Free Home Renovations

Front Door:

It goes without saying that the front door is the first impression that visitors have of your home. It may be a difficult choice to decide what type of front door is desirable. The entire door and frame may need replacement. There are many beautiful glass doors to choose from. Solid doors with design features that are painted a bright color provide good curb appeal.

Bathroom Renovations:

Bathrooms are in constant use and take a lot of abuse. As a house ages, cracks, broken tiles, and stains appear, and the room lacks sparkle. It takes some thought and the advice of a professional to decide how much updating is desirable for a bathroom. Taking stock of what features aren’t working well, what needs replacement or updating, and budget considerations are important.

Window Replacement:

If your windows are more than 15-20 years old, are difficult to open and close, are not energy efficient, or are rotting, it’s time to replace them. When replacements are done, your house looks so much better.


Choosing the best type of flooring for the various rooms in your home can take some thought and the help of a professional. The types of flooring available are many. A family needs to consider the amount of traffic, moisture in the room, pets in the house, ease of cleaning and budget constraints

Working with renovation experts in planning and designing your renovation projects can provide a stress free way to get the results you want and to be happy with the finished projects. There are so many new materials and features; a professional is knowledgeable and helpful in advising their customers.