Bring your own device (BYOD) practice has run rampant in the businesses nowadays as most of the companies, especially SMEs, are unable to afford computers and mobile phones for each and every one of their employees. Not only buying devices is expensive, but it also requires companies to install PC and cell phone spy software on every device to safeguard business interests, particularly loss of confidential and sensitive information. BYOD does spare you the mentioned expenses, but they come at the cost of some other issues which we are going to discuss in this article.

Expense Spared Can Prove To Be Costly

BYOD looks attractive as the business is saving up a lot of cost by not buying its own devices. However, in the long run, BYOD culture can prove to be a big nuisance for you and for your company. First problem you’ll encounter is the lack of work done in the workplace. Employees would be bringing their own device, which could include songs, movies, TV shows, video games etc. and whenever they get a chance to waste their time on them, they will most likely do so. This is one of the biggest issues employers have to face with BYOD. This of course affects the overall performance of the organization.

No Assurance of Privacy

Privacy is hard thing to come in this day and age, but it becomes nearly impossible in BYOD-based companies. Employees use their devices to perform work and personal activities, so they are bound to take their device with them. After the device has left the workplace, it can get in the hands of anyone, hence creating a risk of losing company’s all-important data. Another major problem nowadays is of computer and cell phone spy software. Installing them on a device gives the perpetrator full access to all the data on it, including the contact details, text messages, emails, call details, website history, etc. This of course can come in real handy for competitors looking to steal advantage.

Inadequate Equipment

If you are relying on the devices that your employees have, then not all of them are going to come with the advanced technology. This is where problems can arise depending on the type of company you are running. If the usage of computers or cell phones is more than usual, then the computer and mobile devices with lesser specifications will not be able to last for much longer. The performance of employees working on these devices will also suffer.

No Filtration

This relates very much to the first point. No filtration can be applied to an employees’ personal device, which is why employees will most likely waste their time looking at different social networking sites and other unrelated stuff. This allows employees to waste their time at workplace with ease. It’s easy for them as all the stuff they previously did at home, they can now do at the workplace, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

BYOD is nothing but bad news for your company. This practice only looks attractive to SMEs because they are lacking in cash and can’t afford new devices for every single employee they hire. However, as business develops, you’ll find that you have your uniqueness because of which you are surviving in the market. However, this happiness can be very short-lived because your company’s information can get leaked anytime or someone can sell it off. This is why it is advised that you forget about BYOD practice in your company altogether, at least until the policy does away with the loopholes.