The only not-so-positive aspect of pregnancy is when mothers feel they are growing in heavier pounds and when their clothes seem not to fit anymore. According to fashion designers for pregnant moms, the best way for mothers to be chic and feel fresh during pregnancy is by sticking with the kind of clothes they usually wear when they are not pregnant. In other words, if you feel confident on black, continue wearing it. You don’t have to wear neon-colored clothes just because your bump is starting to show off. Maternity dressing should be simple. Do not over experiment as it can otherwise make your wardrobe design potentially disastrous.

Maternity Dresses Know the Secrets About Maternity Dressing

Types of Maternity Dresses

Essentially speaking, there are two main categories of maternity dresses – clothes for summer and clothes for winter.

1. Maternity Dress for Summer:

Summer maternity dress is any clothes for pregnant mothers that fit properly provide extra room and are breathable. Maternity clothes for summer include dresses, shorts, and sleeveless tank tops. Mothers can accessorize their outfit by using cardigan, drawstrings, shawl, poncho, cover-ups or waistbands. Maternity dress for summer can also be in the form of bathing suits for that are valuable when going to the beach. The tankini style is the best choice for expanding belly.

Summer maternity dresses are mainly made up of cotton, rayon or linen. Summer clothes for women should be lightweight – enough to be layered with poncho or cardigan. They nearly come in all loose styles and need not to be flattering.

2. Maternity Dresses for Winter:

Garments for pregnant mothers during winter can be indoor or outdoor. When traveling outdoors, the pregnant mother may need a winter coat, poncho, long-sleeved shirt, and sweater. This winter clothing provides not only comfort but also warmth to the mother and the baby.  Not-so-common options of maternity dresses for winter are tights, leggings, and pants. The functionality of these maternity winter clothes lies on insulation generation, thus maintaining body temperature.

When buying maternity dress for winter, seize one that is a little bit roomier to save expenses. This way, clothes can still be used during the late stages of pregnancy. Avoid wearing clothes that expose one’s skin. Winter season is just not the perfect time to flaunt skin.

5 Maternity Dress Secrets

1. Borrow Dresses Before Buying: Maternity clothes come with hefty price tags. Some mothers call them ‘risky investments’ not only because of their costs but the fact that they become less valuable when pregnancy comes to end. They are only worn for a very short time. Notwithstanding, mothers can recoup the costs if they can borrow maternity clothes from their previously pregnant friends.  If they don’t know any one, search for maternity dress on thrift stores where they are sold in massive price drops.

2. Choose Your Dress As Per Need: Only buy maternity wear when the situation calls for it. You don’t need to buy maternity clothes for the first few months of pregnancy.  Elastic drawstrings and loose tops can still be helpful pieces during the first months. You can still wear your favorite jeans without feeling so tight by putting a rubber band through the buttonhole then hook it around the button. Pregnant mothers should not only put their attention in buying casual clothes, but should likewise consider clothes for business trips and formal occasions.

3. Buy Sensibly: To buy sensibly means to purchase something that goes well with other maternity wear. For example, instead of going for shoes or high heels, opt for flats that will help you look better in nearly all your maternity clothes. You can also try mixing and matching clothes that you can do until the baby is delivered.

4. Show a little skin: Show off some legs in a short dress and arms with a sleeveless shirt. There is no need to conceal your skin because you are pregnant. If you are proud of your cleavage, show it off with a low-cut top. In the same way, accentuate your bronzed shoulders by putting on skin-baring tops.

5. Choose all in one color: Solid colors or all-in-one colors create slimming and glowing effect. Best choices of solid colors for pregnant women are khaki, gray and black. Meanwhile, there are three (3) major reasons why black remains the best color for pregnant women:

(1). Black has a slimming effect.

(2). Black is a multi-purpose color.

(3). Black naturally hides the bump.

Shopping for maternity dresses should not be a stressful responsibility. By merely following these secrets, you remain sophisticated and fashionable just like you were when you were not pregnant. Think of maternity dresses as healthy investments. You will never know, you will still find them valuable soon. If not, lend out your maternity dress to your sisters or friends.