It is true that the wine industry has its own special needs. This is the reason why it is important for you special tools that can help provide or comply these needs. One of the features offered by a wine point of sale is the ability to set start and end dates for every discount. Aside from this, each of the discount buttons can be set up by multi category or multi department. This tool also includes the provision of a customized RMS report. In addition to this, the software also makes it easier for you to share customers or members and as well as the inventory and the orders. This also provides a full transaction report or detail that includes the SKUs sold, shipping charges, tender type, and tax collected. The tool also enables you to do automatic posting and review different transactions prior to posting.

More Benefits of POS Software

The POS software also helps you gather more customers or clients. This includes a feature that allows cashiers to search for customers from the main or master customer database from the point of sale. This allows real-time look up of customers, real time view of the clubs, and access pick up of the orders and the purchase history. In addition to this, the software also permits management of multiple inventory locations. This includes the review of the stock levels before checking out and the provision of reminders to cashiers if there is already insufficient stock. The tool also helps you to do easy stock transfers.


Eliminates Duplicate Customers

Another benefit of the wine POS software is its ability to detect twin customers. This means that it can identify customers with duplicate names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails. This feature also enables you to select a master customer by viewing the purchase history. This allows duplicates to merge while consolidating all purchase history into master customer. Aside from this, the tool also helps you in deleting all customer records that contain no information or history. With just a simple touch of the button, you are already able to merge all the ship to addresses to the master customer.

Easy Use of the Software

In addition to the countless benefits and advantages provided by the software, another reason why you should have one is the fact that the tool is very easy to use. Your cashiers will definitely love the touch-friendly layout that allows them to monitor the compliance with ease and speed. Aside from this, the software also has a destination tax built in. This helps calculate current tax sales on all shipping orders. You are also able to set future shipment dates and order types and automatically release orders to fulfillment. The tool also permits real time compliance checks, age verifications, address validations, and rates of sales taxes.

Another reason why the tool can be a huge help in your business is the fact that it allows you to do transactions even if you are on a move. This allows you to take orders as long as you have a laptop, tablet or any mobile device that can be connected to the Internet. All in all, this wonderful software can reduce processing time significantly and make transactions with ease.