He flirted back. She said yes…to hanging out. Now what? The struggle is real – first dates can range from awkward to spectacular. Whether you recognize your soul mate at the first glance, or you immediately know that this is going to be the only date ever with this person, choosing what to do on a first date is critical to making both of you feel comfortable. Or as comfortable as you can be on a first date. A simple movie night is a great way to get to know a person in a low pressure environment.

Breaking the Ice How to Make a Movie Night the Perfect First Date

Tried and True: Dinner and a Movie

There’s a reason that dinner and a movie is a classic first date. In the precarious world of dating, this format allows each person to get to know the other person enough, but not too much in the first encounter. Dinner provides the perfect venue for informal conversation. Plus, eating makes everyone feel better, and gives you something to do during those hopefully-not-to-long pauses in the conversation. Just make sure to agree on a restaurant together. You don’t want to go to a steakhouse only to find out that your date is a vegetarian. Whether you laugh at the newest comedy or scream in delicious terror at a horror flick, a movie is a shared experience. The beauty of watching a movie on a first date is that silence, periodic whispering, hand-holding, and popcorn munching are all acceptable behavior in a cinema. Important: do make sure to choose a movie that you both are interested in seeing.

The Benefits of Staying In

An alternative to the traditional dinner out and a trip to the movie theater is to have dinner and a movie at home. Women love a guy who cooks, and everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So whether the guy or the girl hosts, chances for impressing your date increase exponentially with a home cooked meal. Serve your date appetizers and a glass of wine to really get off on the right foot. Go for a new feature film from a streaming service or pop a DVD of your favorite TV series for a relaxing way to end the evening (Source: Pristine Sales). Who knows, maybe bonding over Castle or Chicago Fire will be the beginning of an amazing romance. And with a TV series, you will have to get together to watch more episodes.

Everyone eats dinner, and most people enjoy movies. It’s hard to go wrong with a movie night first date. That night might just be the start of something beautiful.