There are numerous movie buffs out there who would love to watch foreign language movies. Movies from different countries carry a different type of characteristics and environments. It’s always fun to watch international cinema. We can understand different emotional nuances and story treatments when we watch the movies from all around the world. Watching the world cinema is very important for the aspiring filmmakers. There are tons of sources on the internet where you can download the movies from other languages. But we may not understand them as we do not know the language. Some of the movie websites also provide the subtitles. It comes in a compressed folder together with the movie. It would be all good if we have a subtitle file included with the movie. What if there is no subtitle file with the movie? How can we understand the movie? Don’t worry. There are few websites which are providing subtitles for the foreign language films. We’ve rounded up the best websites which are dedicated to providing the subtitles for all the movies on the planet. Let’s look into the list to find out the top websites where you can download the subtitles for the movies. You can also check out the free online movie site to watch and enjoy.                                                        

There are almost a million subtitles on this website. You can find subtitles for various formats and languages. If you have subtitles of any movies, you can just upload them on It looks a bit boring at the first glance. But you will fall in love with this website if you see the enormous amounts of subtitles hosted in it. Not only movies, Open Subtitles has also got subtitles for TV shows in various languages. There are subtitles in all the popular languages for English movies. So language will not stop you any more to watch all the exciting movies in the world.

It’s one of the best sources to download the subtitles for most of the TV shows. Watching TV shows from other languages is definitely exciting. TV Subtitles has got the massive collection of subtitles for all the TV shows in the world. It’s really easy to download the subtitles from this website. There are subtitles for Korean, German, Russian, Greek, French, English and many other global languages. So if you are a fan of international TV shows, you must bookmark this wonderful website. It has got a clean and modern interface. You can also see the most downloaded subtitles on their homepage. There are over 320,000 subtitles on this massive website. is another popular source where you can download the subtitles in multiple languages for TV shows and movies. The subtitles for the movies and TV shows are packed in WinZip compressed format. Unzip them and load the subtitles on your video player and you are good to go. It’s a really simple process to search and download the subtitles from this website. The design is little similar to There are over 100,000 subtitles on this website.

Probably the only website in this list with a good and modern design. It’s very comfortable to search and download the subtitles from Their search function works awesomely and fetches you the perfect subtitles within seconds. You can upload the subtitles of the movies if you have any. The beauty of this website is it has a very active forum. So you can start a thread if you do not find any subtitles on the website. The members will help you find it or give the link to the other sources.

We hope these websites helped you to find the subtitles for the movies. Bookmark all these websites as they come in handy to find the subtitles for foreign language TV shows and movies.