Commonly known as Cannabis, hemp is a derivative of it. The extraction process is different depending on the country you are residing in. CBD is an oil extracted from the marijuana and is termed as medical marijuana. Since marijuana is restricted in most of the countries the extraction process requires legal documentation and permission of the state.

Everything You Need To Know About CBD Extraction Process

Hemp and cannabis are similar and even grow in similar manner. They require no pesticides to grow and can be successfully cultivated over a short span of time. Since it does not require much pesticides the crude extracting process is fast and then it is filtered.

Why is it so important?

Cannabis are unique in their own form and has highest concentration of essential fatty acids. Studies have concluded that it contains higher percentage of omega three fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid more than flaxseed and chia seeds. CBD oil is a rich oil and cannot be easily extracted. The ratio of oil to the total seed volume is shockingly impressive.

About thirty percent of the cannabis are made up pure oil. Moreover, it also comprises of about 25 percent protein content and is much preferred over any other plant protein. The protein found in cannabis is edestin, which is a globular concentration of protein. This protein is similar to the protein found in human blood plasma.

Therefore, it can be easily broken down and quickly absorbed by the body. At the same time, edestin detoxifies body and is useful in removing toxins from the cellular structure. Unlike whey protein, this is not hard on kidney and does no affect the red blood cells distribution of the body. This is why athletes and sprinters, these days, are opting for hemp protein more than whey protein.

Albumin is another and the most important protein which is not found in any plant protein. It is similar to the albumin found in eggs and are cell building blocks. It is easily available over the counter both in retail and online store. You can use CBDPure coupon code for your first purchase and get discount.

Extracting it

Harvesting process

Harvesting time depends on the maturity of the plant. After harvest the crop is cleaned and then carried down for baling. Baling is a very tricky process and requires expertise. After the seed is extracted from the plant, it undergoes the process of retting.

It can be achieved through dew process and water process. Chemical process or even enzymatic process. Depending on the process it takes about one to four weeks to complete the initial preparation for extraction.

Carbon dioxide extraction

This is the most common type of extraction process. Over here the seeds are let down through the carbon dioxide chamber, where pressurized carbon dioxide also known as dry ice is allowed to pass down and settle. Then in the final chamber there remains a mixture of high pressured and low pressured carbon dioxide which separates the seed volume and oil concertation.

The oil vaporizes and finally gets collected in the collector. Then depending on the purity and concentration CBD oil is being manufactured. First press is the purest form of the oil you can get in the market and is expensive than the second press and mixed oils.