Baseball is very interesting games for boys, I used the word boys particularly because girls play soft ball and it is bit different from baseball. No doubt it is exciting game but we cannot avoid the fact that it is dangerous game.  If you love to play baseball its risky nature cannot stop you playing but there are some precautions which can be carried to enjoy the playing with minimum injury risks. Astonishingly, many parents don’t know the risks in youth baseball playing and send their sons to play. Before sending your son in baseball field, consider some safety measures and advice your son to carry them.

Doctors claim that, approximately half a million basketball hurts are treated in a year.  It’s god that many of them are not highly dangerous for life, but still they cannot be ignored as they include broken bones and tendons. This can stop the player’s life for some time and can be dangerous for his health. If player keep on playing with this painful body he will meet serious problems in future, cannot take a risk by ignoring such minor or major injuries


Any sport with risks can be played by observing important preventions and , if injury occurs have first aid as early as possible

Most leagues will insist on the following:

  • If you are batting, coming up for bat or running the bases, use helmet. Head covering ensures the security. There are many leagues who ask the pitchers also to wear the helmet. Wearing helmet is not enough, wear it properly; it means wear the right sized helmet and fit properly. Faceguard and eye shield safe the face, attach the properly to make sure that they are not in bad condition.
  • Catcher is more exposed to danger so he must wear helmet, throat guard to protect throat, chest protector to keep ribs safe and other accessories. Cather safety measures also assure his good quality game as he is confident and will play freely.
  • It was felt by NFHS that BESR certified bats were too hot and throw the ball with such rate of speed that is most dangerous for players if they react to it. So use BBCOR bats , bats made by this standard act like wooden bats and not dangerous.
  • Use all protective accessories to save the foot, hands and mouth. To save the foot you can wear foot guard, for mouth, mouth guard is there similarly for hands gloves are present.
  • Basketball needs a flexible body and active muscles, to get these qualities warm up your body before playing, exercise daily to get flexible muscles.
  • Gloves can protect the hands and must be selected according to need as young can wear Little League Gloves as gloves must be fit to hand to keep safety and comfort.
  • Relaxed foot can comfort whole body, during basketball it is most important to wear comfortable sport shoes, and it will save the ankle, foot or leg to get injured. Many players choose high top sneakers while it is better to choose low-rise shoes. Basketball shoes must be strong, comfortable and non-slippery sole. It will be silly if I advise not to wear open toed shoes, you might say who wears! Believe me it is in practice as I have seen many to avoid footwear during play but I believe foot wear is base of comfort during play.

I mentioned some highlighted tips to play safe, there are many and a player must not ignore the precautionary measures.

Bio: Anny as a freelance writer and player safety adviser provided above article to advise basketball players from young to adult.