Benefits of Inversion Boots

There are the gravity boots that are better known as inversion boots which allow for inverted suspension from any kind of inversion rack or horizontal bar. The boots which are worn on the leg will have straps attached around the ankles and this will be helpful when attaching to the bar. This will help in safely hanging upside down and go unsupported. It is a type of therapy with immense benefits to the body, as shown in multiple research studies.

Inversion boots and the effects it has

The inversion therapy affects the spine as it allows the body to hang freely. By keeping the position of the head first which is against gravity the result is achieved. By doing this there is natural traction happening on the spine, which is caused by one’s own body weight. The lengthening of the spine actually relives the pressure and the compression around the discs of the spine and the nerve roots. This also enhances the space around the vertebrae. By minimizing the pressure around the disc region and the nerve roots the back pain is also reduced.


The core muscles of the body from the major muscle section. This includes the middle, lower back as well as the abdominals. These are important muscles as it is needed for the functional movement of the body. It also gives support, maintains the ideal posture and gives good strength as well as balance. There are certain exercises even which are designed to strengthen this part of the body. This will help in giving added pressure to this area which will eliminate the future possibilities of any kind of injuries in the part. The inversion boots help in the proper alignment of the body without causing injury. This improves posture as well as getting the natural shape of the body.

There are the vertebral discs present in our body which are the shock absorbers present between the vertebrae. They help in keeping it separated and also in making the spine flexible. Since this is full of water, it plays a major role during the natural process of aging and in dealing with the stress of gravity. It also helps a great deal in doing the normal activities of the day. By going with the inversion boots it helps in rehydrating and in soaking up the required nutrients and fluids. As a result, a cushioning effect is created.


While the inversion boots have a lot of benefits one should wear it properly. By checking with the healthcare provider on an earlier basis, you might be able to know if this is suitable for you. High blood pressure, glaucoma and detached retina might be some limitations while doing this training. It is not suggested to use this during pregnancy and for people who have the possibility of a hernia. By having a certain amount of physical fitness you can be confident to use the inversion boots.

 The inversion boots also come with the removable calf loops which are provided for added comfort. This will help in reducing the load to the knees.