Imagine, autumn morning, you look out of the window and understand that the season is unconditionally over and you have to make a break for at least six month before you will be able to enjoy your favorite game on the course the next time. You think that all you have to do is to wait patiently until the white golf course will turn into green again. Some people prefer to wait patiently or to switch to another hobby that does not depend on the season of the year, others are trying to keep fit and attend clubs with golf simulators. However, you should not follow their example. In fact, winter is not a reason to send your favorite golf clubs to the darkest corner of your closet. You can play golf all year round. All you need is to identify the right destination and take a trip to golfer’s paradise.

The range of the places at a time when local courses are covered with snow is huge. And the decision will depend on your budget, as well as on your non-golf interests, your willingness to visit sightseeing, popular restaurants or other places during your trip. The financial crisis, in particular, the debt problems of many countries had also influenced golf industry very much. In the battle for clients golf clubs and resorts reduced green fees considerably, hotels offer attractive accommodation and airlines – discount tickets. It is a great plus for traveling golfers.

Searching For Green Putting Green - Where To Play Golf In The Winter

So, how to choose the destination. Of course, travel agencies can propose a wide range of resorts for golfers. However, the experts advise to listen to the true golfers, who have great experience and know all about the best courses and directions for players. The majority of professional players choose San Diego resorts and courses to spend their winter golf vacation. And it is not a surprise. San Diego is located on the coast. This fact attracts many tourists from different regions to this city. In the city it is possible to find first-class five-star hotels with hospitable and polite personnel. The city is considered to be one of the most beautiful resorts in the Pacific. San Diego is 365 days full of delight. Unique, perfect climate with an average annual temperature of +20 ° C, clean air, miles of sandy beaches, picturesque nature made the city one of the most popular golf destinations in whole North America. Due to perfect climate the golfers have an ability to enjoy the game all year round, even during winter. Here in San Diego you will find world class courses, where the prestigious tournament Buick Invitational, originally known as the San Diego Open is held every year. The infrastructure and facilities are highly developed, which ensures the perfect experience for every player, who have decided to visit this picturesque city. So, why to wait and deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy your favorite hobby all year round, when there are such a perfect places as San Diego where you can organize perfect vacation in any season of the year.

The one thing you should think about when deciding on golf trip is how to transport the necessary sports equipment. The main thing is a robust package. Clubs must be carefully and securely fixed in the bag so that they did not hang out and rattled. The bag must be also packed into a special transport case. However, it is no secret that the majority of courses in the world offer a full set of clubs for rent. So, you can free yourself from hassle that is connected with equipment transportation and take advantage of rental opportunities.

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