When visiting Algarve, you’ll have access to the greatest European beaches. Beaches with fish restaurants, beaches with lots of water activities, beaches for surfing or diving, for enjoying lazy sunny weather and for romantic dates – Algarve offers over 80 beaches according to your taste! By the way, more than 70 of them feature a Blue Flag award – the recognition of the highest level of water quality, safety and service.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t have enough time to visit every point of the coast, thus we’ve chosen 7 most valuable beaches. By using a car from Zit Auto you’ll be able to find them quickly, since GPS coordinates for each of the following beaches are specified for your convenience.

  1. Praia da Marinha

This amazing piece of sandy coastal line is a charming destination in Algarve. Surrounded by majestic cliffs and washed by the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, this beach is deservedly called the Portuguese hallmark.

Praia da Marinha is quite a secluded beach. So if you want to escape from the heaps of tourists and relax enjoying the peace and the sun – it can be an excellent spot! By the way, Praia da Marinha offers not only perfect swimming, but also for sunbathing, boating and scuba diving.

Coordinates: 37.090037, -8.412403

  1. Praia do Martinhal

Travelers will find the beach in the east of Sagres city. Praia do Martinhal features a blue flag, which confirms excellent quality of the water and service. This beach is a good choice for families with kids, divers and surfers. In addition to standard set of services (sunbeds, rental of umbrellas, water entertainment, lifeguard service), Praia do Matinhal offers boat trips to the mysterious islands with breathtaking caverns and grottos. After relaxing at the beach you can also visit the beachfront restaurant serving a variety of Portuguese dishes including seafood.

Coordinates: 37.020460, -8.925599

  1. Praia de Falesia

Praia de Falesia is also a fascinating and amazing spot to relax in Algarve. The beach stretches for 3 km along the high cliffs providing eye-catching landscapes for your camera. Praia de Falesia is wide enough, so you can always find an ideal spot for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere. If necessary, sun beds, different watersports, a restaurant and a grill-bar are also at your disposal there.

Coordinates: 37.086599, -8.168386

  1. Praia do Amado

Featuring excellent waves throughout the year, Praia do Amado is a paradise for surfers and a popular destination in the whole Europe. There’s a surf camp and specialized school, where everyone can take lessons and enjoy the magnificent diversity of the local waves. Praia do Amado is the venue for international and local surfing competitions. Thanks to the picturesque views of Praia do Amado, relaxing at this beach gives full satisfaction to the visitors.

Moreover, Praia do Amado is placed among the three valleys of red and orange rocks, which provides a unique charm to this amazing place.

Coordinates: 37.169370, -8.901393

  1. Praia do Beliche

Situated between Sagres city and San Vicente lighthouse, Praia do Beliche is a small cozy sandy beach with clear aquamarine water. It’s not crowded, as there are no hotels there, and is reachable only by car. Praia do Beliche is surrounded by picturesque cliffs. Therefore, the view opening from the beach is just fantastic.

This amazing place will be suitable for those who like relaxing on the beach without intrusive service and water sports. Praia do Beliche features convenient entry into the water. By the way, the water temperature is warmer than on the previous beaches. There are no parking lots there, so the car can be parked right near the roadside.

Coordinates: 37.026038, -8.962577

  1. Praia da Coelha

A lot of beaches around Albufeira are awarded the Blue Flag, and Praia da Coelha is not an exception.

Praia da Coelha features clear entry into the water, which is very suitable for families with toddlers. At the same time, older children can enjoy snorkeling among the underwater sand rocks.

There is a restaurant, a rental of beach accessories, and different watersports.

Praia da Coelha is also an excellent choice in case you like picturesque walks – a mile long footpath from the village of Sesmarias to the beach runs among olive groves, ancient carob trees and oaks, dwarf palms, evergreen mastic and juniper bushes.

Coordinates: 37.074063, -8.293542

  1. Meia Praia

Meia Praia is what everyone expects from the ideal Portuguese beach. Stretching for almost 5 km along the Atlantic coast, it’s the longest beach in Algarve. The outstanding water quality and fascinating panoramic views make Meia Praia a top-tier spot for a holiday. The beach will suit to everybody: the western part of Meia Praia offers popular water sports, while the eastern part is where you can feel a relaxing atmosphere.

Coordinates: 37.118046, -8.645996

As you can see, Algarve is a very suitable destination in case you like beach relaxation. It offers dozens of beautiful beaches for any taste, so you can choose the best one and fully enjoy your hot Portuguese weekend.