The spacious look of a place appeals more than a cramped look. When it comes to remodeling your place, you should consider making it look bigger than it is in actual. Not everything demands a high end expensive makeover to alter its appearance. Sometimes, little tricks and tips go a long way in giving new life to a place. JVC apartments for rent and many other well known residences use some magical tricks to make the place look more commodious. Here are some enchanted suggestions to make your room look bigger.
Less is More
This widely spread mantra is used for ages. When you unnecessarily keep extra stuff in your room, it will make your space look jam-packed. Hence, de-cluttering of this stuff is highly recommended. Keep only that stuff which is creating drift and flow of view, not the one which is blocking it.
Paint the Ceiling with Dark colors
That is something which is not known by most of us, but used by professionals. Home interior decorators specially paint the ceiling or wallpaper it to make it eye catching. When eyes will be drawn upward, mind will perceive that thing bigger. So paint the ceiling with comparatively dark shades to create a drift of vision upwards to make room taller.
Walls and Floors Should Be Painted with Lighter shades
Coziness is linked with dark colors but if we paint our walls and floors dark, it will absorb light instead of reflecting it which will make a room look smaller. That’s why light colored flooring and paint on walls are recommended to create a sense of airy space.
Setting of Furniture
 It is beyond imagination that just by changing the setting of your furniture can pull a trigger on cramped look of your room. You only need to place your furniture and stuff away from the wall and here you are done. It will make your place look bigger because mind will sense that there is enough space around the walls and corners.
Hanging of Shelves Near the Ceiling
As it is quoted earlier that anything that draws attention upward will make room look taller and bigger. So by embracing vertical shelves hanging near the ceiling, you are diverting the eyes to look upward.
Use of Strips and Lining Patterns
A vertically stripped carpet or rug help your room to be viewed as longer. Strip patterns are used by fashion designers and interior decorators to make something appear longer.
Use of Mirrors   
Another trick to create an illusion of bigger space is to use the mirrors. But placing of mirrors shouldn’t be random but strategic. Mirrors will help to make your room bigger because reflection of light from mirror will cause this illusion.