There are many different reasons why people go to Atlanta. Pleasant sunny beaches and sunshine attracts you the most. What else do you expect? Go to Miami! The charm and brightness of this luxury city always attracts hundreds of visitors to the seaside. No doubt, Miami is the most expensive city in the USA, but you can get the best unforgettable experience from your journey. To make the things go better, you can take a car from rent Max in Miami Airport to bring all your transportation problems to naught.

If you are here, don’t miss elite shops on the Bal Harbour. You can visit elite restaurants, impressive hotels and resorts, and try popular yachting sport. Isn’t it what you dream about? There was the time when Miami restaurants weren’t appraised in the best way. Visitors weren’t impressed food quality, prices, services. Nevertheless, you can find a lot of interesting and still impressive luxury places in the city now. What are they?

Stone crabs- @ Joe's south beach,FL


French cuisine

Location: the restaurant is situated in a great Baltimore Hotel

This is a really atmospheric place. The menu includes TOP dishes from the French cuisine. If you don’t spend much money, you can try about 20 impressive elements offered for degustation. The service is high class and the place is amazingly decorated. Looking for a romantic dinner, you should come here to enjoy your partner and pleasant environment.



Location: this old restaurant is ф favorite place for locals

This restaurant is specialized in serving seafood and local season products. You should try crab meat. The atmosphere is absolutely friendly and little bit crazy here. You cannot book a table beforehand. Just come and take a seat. This is a place for different people. The prices are high, so, this is a popular place for celebrities and local business men.


Japanese cuisine

Location: Nobu is situated in a super-modern Miami Shore Club to be one of the best elite places in Miami

Japanese cuisine was always popular for locals and tourists. You are offered to try something amazingly different. Japanese chef masterfully combined Japanese cooking technics with Argentinian and Peruvian. Honestly, Nobu is a perfect place for people who want to enjoy tasty food and privacy.


French and American cuisine

Location: the most fashionable restaurant in Miami

One way or another, this is a cozy place that gives you tasty food and stylish interior. Retro design reminds you about past years. This can be a perfect place for a family dinner or romantic date. The service is on a high level. Michy’s visitors prefer French and American cuisine to others.


Mediterranean and Asian cuisine

Location: Azul offers you the best views from the panoramic windows

It is worth mentioning that wall-size windows make Azul one of the most popular romantic places in Miami. What about the restaurant menu? The chef has made a special menu that perfectly combines Mediterranean tastes and Asian note. The wine menu includes about 700 wine brands, including old wines and new drinks. This is what makes Azul so perfect for any occasion.

Crispy Egg Yolk with Mushrooms Gelatine


Spanish cuisine

Location: The restaurant was opened in 2008 to be the best luxury restaurant in Miami since then

The famous restaurant chef Michael Bernstein was already famous and experienced person when got to work in Sra. She is a Top chef of other restaurants of Spanish cuisine in Miami. As it was told before, all of her restaurants are focused on a high quality Spanish food. Thus, you can order something truly Spanish and non-traditional. The restaurant is attractively equipped with cozy furniture, big patio for all who want to have dinner outdoors. The wine menu is big and has much to offer for your dinner. Do you like Spanish wines?


Chinese cuisine

Location: the restaurant is situated in a Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami

It was opened in 2009 to be one of the most popular eating places for local celebrities. Come to Hakkasan and you will never be disappointed with food and environment. You should come here if you want to try excellent Chinese dishes, tasty old wine. Be a part of this warm luxury atmosphere today!

Hakkasan Shanghai


Italian cuisine

Location: looking for classic environment and solid clientage, welcome to Spiga

If you have never heard about this place before, please, come here and try. You can meet a lot of local celebrities, including Julia Roberts by dining. What should you try in Spiga? The restaurant offers mostly plain but elegant dishes of Italian cuisine. This is one of the best places where you can try some food from Lo Stivale. Do you know what to take for dinner? Don’t worry about that! Well-trained competent waiters will help you with their consultation. If you come here in the evening, be ready for the most romantic views for Miami.

There are many worthy places in Miami that can be attractive for your budget. Coming here, you must be ready to start a new luxury page of your life. It is not a secret that Miami is a city of new impressions and rich people. You can try your luck in shopping, visiting restaurants, popular places, and attractions. Believe it or not, Miami has more interests than a beach and the sea only! Come and check!