The trend of home cinemas is increasing day by day.  For those who are looking for some inspiration, this Trinnov Home Cinema is truly amazing, and it is installed by renowned home cinema installation experts Custom Controls. You might not have seen anything like this before!

The size dimensions of this cinema room are 5.5m by 12 m. The audio system comprises a pre-amp with 32 amplitude and a room equalizer with 32 magnitude in addition to active, world-class crossover work for delivering exceptional sound quality with enhanced clarity.

Audio system

Special attention is paid to the cinema room’s acoustics, as this is one of the most essential features. The acoustics are managed by incorporating an acoustic array speaker in addition to a subwoofer. The speakers are kept out of sight, but you will be surprised to hear a clear, powerful and loud sound regardless.


A top quality 4K Projector (HDR) is included for an appealing visual display, and it offers the picture quality of a traditional cinema. Along with this big screen, what adds to the value of this cinema is the availability of multiple audio video sources that enables you to enjoy the experience of using a diverse range of media.

If the cinema owner wishes to watch regular television, the screen can capture and display satellite feeds. Besides, the owner can enjoy access to a large number of downloaded films in 4K HDR and local onboard content through the movie player.


In total, 12 people can enjoy comfortable seating in this cinema room. The Cineak Intimo beds are placed in front so that viewers can relax. Moreover, the seating in the front row is finished in purple fabric, which gives it a luxurious look and feel. Furthermore, two rows at the back have Vedette Reclining seats that offer a traditional cinema seat experience. The Vedette chairs have Italian leather for added comfort. If you are planning to install a home cinema in your home, you should hire the experts at Custom Controls to pay you a visit to help you bring your home cinema dreams into reality.