While people may love to argue on and on about how technology has spoiled people and about the numerous disadvantages it brings with itself, the truth is that technology is constantly working to make our lives better. While people do waste time on their phones and laptops, they also save a humongous amount of time by relying on these devices for their daily tasks. People save time by paying their bills on the tap of a button instead of going and standing in long lines at banks. They can even learn valuable skills and get degrees without setting foot in a university! Recent advancements in technology have also helped us improve our health and lifestyle. Here are four ways in which technology is impacting our health for the better.

1-Allowing doctors to remotely monitor a patient

One of the biggest advancements in the field of health management has been the development of remote monitoring tools. Remote monitoring tools allow the patient to live a normal life when threatened with a disease that needs to be constantly monitored. Tools like these store and send the patient’s information to their healthcare providers and alert them when something goes out of normal ranges. Due to this, patients do not have to spend days or months at the hospital where a nurse or doctor can monitor them 24×7.

2-Connecting patients and doctors through telehealth

Lack of time is the most common reason that people cite for not visiting a doctor as frequently as they should or putting off doctor visits even when they know that something is wrong with them. Top Telemedicine companies saw this problem and created telehealth and telemedicine platforms that have now made sure that the gap between patients and doctors is bridged. Telehealth allows patients to get connected to a doctor virtually for a small fee so that they can save time and money that they would have to incur if they were to visit a doctor in person. There are numerous apps that would allow your doctor to diagnose you over video calls and give you alternative home treatment solutions if visiting a doctor is not possible for you. This is also a great platform for people who live in areas where access to a doctor is not possible.

3-Technology that helps you self-monitor

Gone are the days when your watch was only good for telling the time. Nowadays technology has advanced to a point where watches do everything! From making payments for you to letting you know how many calories you burnt. Wearable tech is all the rage now as people are understanding the benefits of taking care of their health, as opposed to incurring health care costs after not treating your body the way it should be treated. Wearable tech like fitness bands allow people to monitor the toll they put on their body when exercising or doing their daily activities. Furthermore, these bands also hold important information about their users like their stance on organ donation, their blood type, their allergies etc. Other types of bands send alerts to EMTs if they notice that something is wrong with the user.

4-Better diagnosis for future ailments

While at this point it’s impossible to assess what disease a person may get in the future, medical technology has certainly advanced to a point where doctors can see the warning signs early on. Detecting the warning signs before they turn into full-fledged problems helps doctors create a plan for the patient, through which they can avoid or manage their disease before it turns too problematic. Medical apps help you carefully curate all your reports, medical issues, daily routine, daily diet and everything into one single place so your doctor can check if there is something amiss. If you rely on paperwork and conventional methods, then risk assessment won’t be as effective because maybe the onset of a mysterious fever is due to a new foreign dish that you ate or the time you scraped your hand on a weird plant. All this information can’t be provided to your doctor on paper but can be curated through apps so that your doctor can view a snapshot of your life.

While no one is arguing that technology does not have any pitfalls at all, the point to be seen here is that the benefits of embracing a life embellished with technology far outweigh the cons of living without it. We should be thankful for technology and the benefits it has rather than thinking about the negative points.