Part of homeownership involves routine maintenance inspections to keep it running as efficiently as possible. Some of its components are more critical than others. Not only does maintenance keep them running dependably and safely, but it also contributes to lower operating costs.


As the largest appliance and the one that uses the most energy, the HVAC system needs to be inspected annually by an HVAC professional. It will run more efficiently and dependably after a pro has gone through it and thoroughly cleaned and adjusted the parts. It’s imperative for people with gas or oil furnaces or boilers to have them inspected for safety reasons. The pro will inspect the flue, safety switches, and fuel lines and clean the burner.

Out of sight and out of mind, water heaters seldom get the attention they need annually. However, draining it at least once a year flushes out the dissolved solids that keep it running efficiently. Checking and replacing the sacrificial anodes when they show corrosion helps it last longer. Since the water heater is an expensive appliance to replace, it’s worth adding it to your must-do list for annual maintenance.


The principles behind plumbing may be simple, operating off gravity and air pressure, but without regular maintenance, a plumbing problem could require an expensive fix. A clogged sewer line could make your home unlivable and broken or leaking pipes cause a lot of damage.


Your roof is the basis of home protection from all the elements and needs to be inspected each year. Loose shingles lead to roof leaks, which can cause water damage to the roof deck, attic, soffits, and fascia. Left unchecked water leaks can penetrate your ceilings and cause serious structural damage. When a roofing expert inspects the roof, he or she will carefully look for damaged or lost shingles on sloped roofs. Flat roofs are particularly prone to flooding and leakage through tiny cracks. Neglecting your roof could lay the groundwork for serious home repairs down the road. Consider calling someone like The Roof Doctor for help.


Unless you have livable space in the basement, you may not give it much thought. But it’s not a good idea to neglect it since it’s vulnerable to moisture and condensation. Once a year, have a contractor check the walls and floors for signs of moisture and test the sump pump.

Bottom Line

Annual maintenance keeps your home running smoothly and cuts its operating costs. It lowers the likelihood of premature appliance and structural problems. When you inspect and service these home components, they’ll last longer and cut your costs.