It’s the month of December and you know what that means…it’s Christmas! Or at least, it will be in a few short weeks. Time to get those last-minute holiday orders put in, shipped out, wrapped and ready to tuck up under the tree for that special lady in your life.

Still, haven’t figured out exactly what to get for the women in your life? Don’t sweat! Here are our top five gifts for her this season that she’s is guaranteed to love.

1: A Local Experience

If the woman in your life is the type that seems to have it all (or if you aren’t quite sure what to pick for her), try gifting her an experience instead of stressing over an item. There are lots of local websites that offer discounted rates on experiences such as cooking classes, cheese and wine tastings, facility tours, and hands-on experiences with local venues.

Making memories together can be one of the best gifts you can give this season, and a bonus is you either learn a new talent or have goods to take home if it’s from a local shop.

2: Jewellery Roll + Selected Jewellery Set

What’s better than shiny new earrings? A place to store them when you’re done wearing them. This mix and match gift let you select a pair of earrings (we love the unique shape of the open pebble studs, and the multitude of finishes to choose from) along with a jewellery roll with two zip pockets. Also, an earring leather strap and a slide pocket with a removable zip-top pouch can become a perfect pick while you’re exploring the gifting options for her.

Bear in mind if you choose the leather jewellery roll, it will naturally wear over time and become soft and supple, while the microfiber interior will keep your necklaces, rings and earrings from scuffing or becoming entangled in your bag.

3: Book a Weekend Getaway

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive, a lot of times you don’t even have to leave your area to experience an entirely different world. Sometimes, the best vacations are the ones you take at (or near) home. Try booking a place on AirBNB nearby, a cottage or a villa or a penthouse suite – somewhere off the beaten path that you know she hasn’t experienced but would enjoy visiting. By booking privately through AirBNB, you have more access to places outside of the normal hotel/resort options and are guaranteed to have a more intimate experience.

If you’re looking for them, we recommend booking with enough advance to cancel in case it conflicts with their plans, and trying to book outside their normal working hours so it can be gifted as a quick, refreshing weekend getaway. Alternatively, if you aren’t sure where she might want to go or when she’d be able to do so, you can gift her an AirBNB gift card with a printout of all the fun places you think she might like to rent. That way it’s not just a gift card, it’s a well thought choose-your-own-adventure present for her to enjoy.

4: Commission a Custom Portrait

There’s nothing more thoughtful than a customized gift. Try searching on websites such as or to find custom portrait options, and choose one that suits the person you are buying for.

Maybe she has recently lost a loved one such as a parent or a friend, or she has a favourite dog she’s always posting pictures of on Instagram. She might be newly engaged or have a new baby that they are celebrating.

Whatever it is, find something meaningful to her and order a print to be drawn, painted, sketched, cross-stitched – the options are endless for art styles and pricing, and we promise it is something she will treasure forever. It shows that you are paying attention to what matters most in her life, the people, pets and places she loves.

5: A Night-In Kit

Sometimes the best gifts you can give are the ones you put together yourself. The nice thing about this gift is you can choose how much you would like to spend on it.

Our tip is to buy a large basket and fill it with things you know she would enjoy for a night in. Blankets, candles, lotion, eye masks, skin creams, pedicure items, a bottle of Rose, a new DVD and a bag of popcorn, her favourite candies and snacks, etc. The fun part about this gift is it is easily customizable to the individual and is more thoughtful than your average gift bag sold in stores.

What are you getting the women in your life this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!