Are you becoming a world-famous athlete but you don’t know where to start? Probably the best place to start is adjusting your diet and begin training. One of the most important pieces of information found about an athlete is their diet plan. Here are 5 Famous Athletic Diet Plans that can help you start your training today.

Athlete #1: The Tactical Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has the most medals won throughout Olympic history at a whopping 28 medals! So what diet did Phelps stick to while training? According to, his daily diet plan usually consisted of fried-egg sandwiches, three of them, an omelette that housed five eggs, a bowl of some type of grains, three slices of French toast and three chocolate-chip pancakes. All of this just for breakfast. For lunch, he ingests pasta and two large sandwiches. His dinner usually consists of pasta and an entire pizza. The amount of exercise balanced out his diet while causing his need for more calories to increase. Now that he is retired, he has decreased his intake to 3500 calories per day but this insinuates that he is still exercising and training for an extensive amount of time considering that he is about one-thousand calories over the average intake. Definitely a diet and workout combination for a champion.

Furthermore, athletes use supplements such as creatine before a good workout because it boosts endurance to have the ability to train for a longer amount of time. Many of these athletes train for more than three hours a day. This supplement in particular, boosts the endurance of strength that you are able to sustain throughout your workout for a longer training session. This supplement is known to be a better option than a glucose drink or placebo because it enhances the endurance of your muscles. This allows for less muscular fatigue so that you are able to train for many hours.

Athlete #2: Conor McGregor – The Extreme

According to Business Insider, McGregor keeps his diet within 3,186 calories per day and he exercises for eight hours per day! This shows that the amount of calorie intake should reflect the amount of training you will be doing. McGregor says he never drinks energy drinks and he loves water and coconut water. McGregor is always eating ‘good’ quality food that is made naturally and organically.

Athlete #3: Ronda Rousey – Stealthy and Deadly

Ronda Rousey is a UFC champion and Olympic bronze medalist. Rousey is a big follower of the Dolce Diet which uses whole ingredients that contain a lot of nutrients for building muscle mass and promoting recovery. She snacks on healthy things like cashews and grapefruit because she loves fruits and vegetables. Her breakfast typically includes scrambled eggs with vegetables. Sometimes mushrooms, peppers, spinach, avocado, and tomato. Then she adds turkey bacon with all wheat bread, Kerrygold butter, and cinnamon. So far all-natural seems to be the key for a meal belonging to a champion.

Athlete #4: The Cavalier: Lebron James

James wanted a challenge before he rejoined his basketball team: The Cavaliers. Lebron James found that challenge in a new diet plan. He started following a ketogenic diet for 67 days. His diet consisted of meats, vegetables, fish and fruits. During keto, he must refrain from anything processed and he must not ingest dairy or sugar. He entered the basketball season thinner than he had been in five years. When Lebron James is not on his keto diet, his diet is usually filled with chicken, salad, vegetables, and fruits. He also indulges in healthy shakes. So far, we’ve noticed that many of these athletes change up their workout routines as well as their diets so that their bodies do not get too comfortable. Definitely the rule of thumb for a champion.

Athlete #5: Graceful Danica Patrick

Miss Patrick is a big advocate of cooking. This is another similar factor many athletes we have seen the share. She follows the paleo diet which is where you cannot eat anything processed, you must limit the amount of starch in your diet and sugar may not be consumed. The only natural ingredients allowed are meats, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Racing for more than three hours is difficult especially on an empty stomach so she brings snacks on the trip with her. Even with snacks, race car drivers can lose up to 15 pounds while they are racing so it is vital to watch your diet delicately.

Overall, most athletes cook sturdy, good-quality food and make beverages that contain many antioxidants. The best diet for an athlete like you is the one that makes you feel good and enhances the qualities of a champion.