The new trend is to think more about employees and foster an environment where employees can flourish. Employees cannot do well in a toxic environment. Companies are now trying to find ways to make the work environment more stress-free. When companies put their employees first the company’s goals will come out on top and winning.

The company gains happier employees and a firmer, bigger bottom line. There are no losers when it comes to working together in an efficient manner. Let’s review some ways companies can create a stress-free work environment.


More companies are opening up avenues of communication with their employees. Disorganization and the inability to communicate about it are stressful situations. Even the best employee will crack under the pressure of having to perform in such an environment. When the team continues to miss deadlines or disorganization in the office space with supplies or reports, this leads to slow productivity. The momentum is lost. Communicating about this will start to open up the dialogue on solutions. Communicating will create a happier work environment. The work will then get done quicker and on a level that keeps the momentum going for the next project.

Being Active

Staying active throughout the day contributes to an upbeat attitude. Doctors advise us to walk at least 10,000 steps per day. When you are stuck in the office it is a challenge to walk 10,000 steps in a day. To give a solution to not being as active in the office and to get the team on the same page, enjoy an activity together. This could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Another simple way is to stretch. Your body will love you for it. In order to foster this unwinding, the company could implement a casual day. Wearing the loose and comfortable clothing, employees can move about more freely. Some other physical activities could include the team taking a walk after lunch break or incorporating some friendly competition with how often teams get physical.

Play Games

A more upbeat way to bring the team together for a stress-free work environment is to host a game show. Bringing this type of fun to the office will have everyone in high spirits. The teamwork, leadership, creative thinking, problem-solving and time management are only a few of what the team will gain from such a fun activity.

One game that could be used with a buzzer is Know It All. Let employees compete to see who knows it all. More creative thinking could be used to play all types of games. Make it a special weekly session or once per month. You will find employees will also be looking forward to the fun.


A room where employees can relax and sit back is also a way to create a stress-free environment. Providing a quiet room will allow employees to meditate and think on their thoughts. In order to give them, all employees need breaks. It is human to take breaks and having a quiet room to reflect and think could be a lifesaver to the company.

Allowing time to recharge the brain means a more productive human. The room can be as simple as a sofa with a few books on a shelf. The advantages are numerous in this win-win for the employee and employer. Add a few beanbags, a table and a few plants for the new centred space.

Some Motivation

Create signage and posters in the office about being positive. Helping employees to stay focused on being positive will help. Frame the positive messages and help employees’ brains register the positive.

Ask employees what types of messages motivate them. You will be surprised what great sayings people already have in mind. If you are at a loss of words you can always search the Internet for great quotes and motivational messages. It won’t take a lot of money to have the messages framed and colour coordinated, then hanging on the walls for all to see. Making these posters and messages fosters a peaceful environment. The workplace won’t ever be the same.

Tolerance Is A Factor

One part of working on a team is that everyone is different. Each person brings something different to the team in order to make it succeed. It is no different when thinking of being tolerant of other people’s views and the manner in which they do things. No, or little, tolerance gets in the way of getting know others. Personal connections are missed and everyone loses. Not being tolerant can also create unprofessional behaviour. Respect has to be given so more understanding is needed. Being accepting of different cultures and ways of doing things will help to get rid of more stress.