People have different goals when it comes to making a career choice. On the other hand, some people might even switch their careers after some time. This is easily possible nowadays since we have so many resources within the reach of hands.

Career choices often reflect on the kind of person we are. For example, people who like to help others may choose to become a doctor or social worker. Another career choice for people who want to bring a positive change into this society is counselling and psychotherapy.

A counselling career seems easy to manage at first glance but helping people going through difficult times is not as easy it seems. The mind is a complicated thing and it takes skills and knowledge to help people this way.

Psychotherapy also requires that the potential candidate must possess sound knowledge of psychology along with other related scientific and social subjects.

Personal Qualities

There are some personal qualities one needs to possess before considering a career in counselling and psychotherapy:

  • The potential candidate for a counselling career must have the ability to communicate with people regardless of their backgrounds
  • The person should be able to be empathetic and gain people’s trust. A counsellor should be warm and friendly in order to make the person in need of help feel relaxed
  • A counsellor should not be judgemental and have the ability to be patient and tolerant
  • Being ethical is a vital part of being a counsellor or psychotherapist. Your clients will be putting their trust in you so the counsellor should learn how to be discreet

Qualifications and Training

The profession of being a counsellor or psychotherapist is not regulated by law so anyone can choose to become one. However, a counselling career is not something you choose just because you want to. Many of the times, counselling is opted as a second or third career choice. Personal life experience with difficult issues is preferred and is very useful when you are trying to help others. On the other hand, an employer will only hire you if you have some background in psychology or have a similar qualification. Some candidates often choose specific courses to learn to become a counsellor. These courses really help even if you don’t have a solid background in psychology.

What Kind of Job You Can Get?

If you are a professional psychotherapist, you may open your own practice if you have the means. If you are not that qualified and still in training, you can seek a job at a school for counselling students or work at some social care centre.

Being a counsellor or psychotherapist is a satisfying job if you really have your heart in it. However, you may have to deal with a lot of stress as you meet clients going through difficult times. Therefore, it is important to find a balance; knowing your own limitations and helping others with resilience.