A green lifestyle is a trend nowadays – organic food, natural cosmetics products, eco-friendly household devices – all this is dedicated to saving the planet. When you travel, it’s not easy to follow the strict rules of green lifestyle but with the following tips, you will manage to keep on saving the planet everywhere anytime.

Pay Attention to Ethical Travel Places

According to the official website that provides ethical journeys, ethical destinations are known as “a collection of small group tours that adhere to the highest environmental, fair trade and human rights standards to educate travelers on sustainable and ethical travel and to maximize benefits to host communities”. In 2016, ethical travelers are offered to visit Cabo Verde, Dominica, Grenada, Micronesia (Federated States), Mongolia, Panama, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu, Uruguay.

Settle in Green Hotels

It is possible to find green hotels almost everywhere. The signs of such hotels are simple – renewable sources of energy, recycle, environmentally friendly cleaning means. You will be offered to consume organic food, not to smoke, drive solar cars. Such certification programs as Green Key Global, Green Globe International, Green Seal and others provide certificates to green hotels, so, don’t forget to check them out.

Cooperate with Green Tour Agencies

This might be the most complicated part of your green journey as green tour companies aren’t found in every city or even in every country. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to find them in the big city. It would be good if you cooperate with them!

Choose Eco-Friendly Means of Transport

It’s always better to walk on foot in another city or use a bike – it’s much better to nature and you definitely get an opportunity to discover an inner life of the city. If you can’t travel without a comfort, choose solar cars and solar airplanes – it will be the best decision!

Forget about Plastic Bottles

While it may sound inconvenient, it’s still good to give up on plastic bottles and glasses. My Bottle or any other glass bottle is a good choice. Otherwise, use a single plastic bottle during your whole journey.

Choose Organic Food

It’s always better to choose local food such as seafood in coastal countries or fruit and vegetables in agrarian countries. The difference is invisible but the use is obvious.

Become a Part of Volunteering

Volunteering abroad is amazing, especially if you have this experience. Still, don’t forget that not every country and every culture accepts it. In Cambodia, for instance, visiting orphanages isn’t the best idea. So, learn the traditions of the country you are going to visit and decide whether it is ethical to volunteer there.  Additionally, you should make sure your resume is good enough to get an invitation. Use professional help to improve the chances of your application being noticed.

Start from Yourself

When you are surrounded with green conditions, don’t forget to support your co-thinkers. Ask not to remove your bedding daily and don’t remove your clothes daily too, take short showers and don’t leave a light and air conditioning work when you are out.

Don’t Leave Trash

Such things as plastic bags or used batteries can be a trifle for your well-developed country but a real problem for countries that don’t have a powerful recycling system! That’s why think twice before leaving such things in your hotel. Maybe it’s better to get rid out of them with a help of the right bin?

Don’t forget that green lifestyle must be systemized and don’t include compromises. While you relax and generate strength and enthusiasm for the next year, our Earth is suffering from human’s carelessness.