Online fashion shopping has grown in popularity over recent years because of its range and convenience. Not only does it eliminate the need to travel to a shop and find a parking space, online ranges of goods are larger than those kept in most high street stores.

Online FashionMen and women may agree on very few things when it comes to shopping but online shopping is something they have both grown to enjoy. Only a few years ago people were very wary about buying goods online except from those retailers with secure payments systems. Today, no fashion outlet of any size can afford not to have an online facility. Although many people want to see and try on a fashion item before buying it, superior online imaging and customer support make this task easy.

1. Convenience

High street stores have opening and closing times. Online shops are open 24/7. Even if you order something in the late evening or at midnight, it will not be processed until the following day and then take a few days to get to you. However, this is far better than waiting for the weekend when most people with standard working hours have time to shop, only to find that the high street stores are bursting with customers and you can’t find anything. For those who have to travel far to reach the store of their choice, an online facility means they do not have to wait hours for buses and trains and pay for an uncomfortable journey or find an expensive and distant parking space.

2. RangeMany

high street shops simply cannot keep the whole range of colours and sizes of a particular item in every branch. Some of the more up market retailers are happy to locate a particular item in their stock collection and arrange for it to be delivered promptly to the customer. This combination of online and high Street shopping, works for the benefit of both the customer and the retailer. The customer can try on an item for size, albeit in the wrong colour, or vice versa. The retailer is assured of a sale. But this type of service is usually unavailable to the lower priced retailers. That’s when online shopping comes into its own.

3. Price

There are more bargains available online that on the high street, even during the sales seasons. These days, even the most high end famous fashion brands offer regular discounts to secure their loyal customer base and to entice new clients.

4. Customer support

Many online retailers provide 24/7 customer support through email, online chat, text or direct phone lines. You can choose whichever method of contact is the most convenient. The retailer will be able to inform customers about new stock, exchange or refund items promptly and deal with any problems regarding product qualityOnline shopping is hassle free. People can buy goods at their convenience and not exclusively during high street opening times. Internet stores have a larger range of stock, bargain prices and regular discounts. Anyone worried about the possibility that a fashion product will not fit correctly should invest in a tailors dummy, bought online of course and adjust it to the exact measurements for sizes provided by individual fashion retailers. Check how clothes fit by placing some of your own, correctly fitting clothes on the dummy.


Claire Richards is a freelance journalist and writes for a range of fashion industry and interior decorating websites and blogs. She has designed an adjustable tailors dummy for online fashion shoppers.