A summer wedding can be a beautiful and cheerful event, but the high temperatures and unpredictable weather can also cause a few problems. When you are planning a wedding in the summer season, make sure you avoid these seven mistakes.

7 Summer Wedding Mishaps You Want To Avoid

Wilted Flowers

Popular wedding bouquet favorites like peonies and gardenias quickly wilt in the heat. Talk to your florist about finding seasonal alternatives that can last for hours in the high temperatures.

Beauty Disasters

No one wants to look sweaty and flushed on their wedding day, so it is important to test different foundations, lipsticks, hairsprays, and hair styles during the summer. Once you find products that are certain to stand up to the heat and humidity, you can stay stunning all day long.

Bad Timing

Keep in mind that the sun will be blazingly bright from about noon to 3 pm. Not only will this make the weather hotter, but it will be hard for photographers to capture flattering images in the harsh sunlight. Consider choosing a time that is later in the day.

Unexpected Weather

Even if you love the outdoors, don’t forget that an unexpected thunderstorm may be disastrous. If you are having an outside wedding, be sure to include a tent or pavilion in your planning. A better choice might be at a place like Noahs Event Venues, where you can rent both an outdoor patio and an indoor hall.

Thirsty Guests

Start offering your guests cool drinks before the ceremony, so no one feels uncomfortable in the heat. Since alcohol dehydrates, the best choices are fun, non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade or iced tea.

Hot Venues

If your venue does not provide air conditioning, planning ahead and renting fans or AC units is a wise decision. You may not end up using them, but it will be nice to know you have the option, just in case the temperature reaches record highs on your wedding day.

Melted Cake

A lot of people forget, but cake frosting can melt extremely quickly. To avoid buying a beautiful cake that turns into a puddle of goo before you get to the cake cutting ceremony, make sure your catering staff refrigerates the cake until it’s time to eat it.

By following these tips, you can be prepared for the unique challenges of hosting a wedding in the summer. When you are confident that the wedding party and your guests will not be affected by the heat, you can focus on enjoying your special day.