Everyone stores their pictures digitally nowadays, whether it’s on their phone, in the cloud, or simply on Instagram or Facebook. Naturally, these aren’t safe places to put them, and there’s always a risk they could be deleted or used without your permission.

Physical copies of your photos are something everyone should have. It’s easier to recover photos from a shelf than figure out where they went on your device, or even worse, where your device (and all its photos) disappeared to. It’s even better to just hang them on your wall, either with flourishes or simply as they are. Here are some ways to preserve your photos in print.

Photo printing

Photo printing isn’t a bad option. However, pricing can vary depending on how you get the photos and how good you want them to look. Sizing is also an issue, and photo quality paper isn’t cheap. Larger jobs also require further details like touch ups, which can be extra. And you’ll also be charged for framing the photo.

Another option, of course, is to print them yourself. This can come with some touch-up and color correction options, but they’re DIY and rather limited. Cheap photo paper is also prone to damage, such as water and tears, you can’t just clean them either if they get dirty.

Canvas printing

This is probably your best best. Canvas printing is newer compared to photography, although the history of the linen-to-cotton canvas surface change is far from boring. Canvas has been used by artists for years. It is well built, more durable, and thicker than paper. Plus it lasts longer and is far less delicate.

If you want your memories to last years without being prone to water damage or decay, canvas is for you. Modern technology and innovation allows anyone to have their portrait on a wall. There are a variety of filters and finishes available, including paint-esque finishes which give your wall art a regal look, or fun custom popart designs. Canvas printing can start as low as a few dollars depending on the size of the project. No frame is required, either.

Canvas has a lot of perceived value, which makes it a great gift. Despite the fact that they often cost so little, but parents-in-law who are prone to arguments don’t have to know that when they receive the gift. And as a gift for your walls, it makes for great special occasion decor (weddings, birthdays, holidays, graduations, etc.), and afterwards, you or whoever leaves with it has instant wall art.

Canvas for business purposes

Although the turn around can be longer, canvas prints sell well and can be cheaper to produce. They aren’t the preferred medium of professional photographers, but as second options or free gifts they can increase business recommendations and glowing reviews.

For charity auctions or raffles, photos can be reprinted on them at a lower cost but still look expensive, mitigating some of the cost of the free press. For businesses, they can have relevant art on their walls that displays their products and services. Or Instagram quotes, which would probably sell well on Etsy if you’re an artist.

Artists can also use it for quick and easy digital copies of their art. Art takes time, and reproductions are common, but you can’t do them by hand. Printing mediums like canvas make selling easier. It’s not an original, but eventually that beautiful reproduction could nag a customer enough to go buy an original.

Canvas printing is a serious rival to photographic prints for many reasons. Whether you just want a picture of the grandkids or have masterpieces to sell, it makes art (or free promotional products) available to all.