Those suffering from various conditions of pain are often directed by physicians to clinics for massage therapy Newport Beach. Regardless of the reasons for pain that the physician has diagnosed, massage therapy works well to provide relief from pain often reducing it to the extent that it is not felt at all. Age related pain is the most common type that is encountered. As our body joints experience long term wear and tear, pain develops in different parts of the body. The pain can be so severe that it affects the movement of body parts and people can be rendered immobile.  In some other cases, injuries from accidents can develop long term conditions of pain and improper or unhealthy body posture also contribute to painful conditions. All these can be treated with medical massage therapy.

Medical Massage Therapy – A Sure Way For Finding Relief from Joint Pain

For Nagging Back Pain

Majority of people are afflicted by low back pain that is treated with success by massage therapy Newport Beach. Massage works very well and is often considered to be a better option than medication. In fact, there are cases where massage therapy has given results when medications have failed.  Stiffness of muscles is also addressed by this therapy.  People are able to return to normal lifestyle after having sessions of medical massage. For patients of osteoarthritis, massage enables them to regain their movements that had become restricted.

Added Benefits

There is a bonus that patients can enjoy when undergoing massage therapy Newport Beach.  While targeting pain relief, people also enjoy other accompanying benefits of massage therapy. It reduces anxiety and stress, improves concentration and the quality of sleep. Blood circulation also improves and people feel more energetic. Massage therapy is a holistic package of treatment.

Assessment is Necessary

The overall health condition of people seeking massage therapy is assessed and if the patient has been recommended by his doctor then the goals of treatment and the doctor’s findings are taken into consideration before finalizing the kind of therapy that would be most appropriate.  By following the goals of treatment, massage therapy can suitably complement the overall treatment of the patient that ensures that the patient gets enough relief from pain.

Treatment Methods

Medical massage therapy is usually administered by two methods that involve the use of machines. These are electrical simulation and ultrasound therapy.

  • Electrical simulation – In this method electrical pulses are sent to the muscles and tissues of the affected area. Electrodes are placed on the body at the target area through which the electrical pulses reach the muscle fibers. The electrical current makes the muscle contract and the movement actually results in driving away pain and stiffness. The intensity of current is adjusted according to the amount of contraction that is required.
  • Ultrasound therapy – The injured area is heated by using high frequency sound waves. This reduces inflammation, improves blood circulation and body metabolism and breaks down the scar tissues that have softened besides soothing the nerves that add up to provide pain relief.

People suffering from musculoskeletal injuries and arthritis are treated by massage therapy.