Princess Leia


Image via Flickr by The Office Star Wars

While it may seem a little cliched, many men have a Princess Leia fantasy. There’s no more direct route to a man’s heart than combining his nerdy love of Star Wars and his woman. The key to the whole outfit is the hair. If you can pull off the cinnamon bun hair while donning a sexy bikini, you will have this man forever. Just make sure he doesn’t want to role play in the guise of Jabba the Hutt. That’s just weird.

The Statue of Liberty

While patriotism may seem like a less than ideal subject for sexy time, you may find that being one our nation’s symbols of freedom may present quite a few laughs. Plus, you get to carry a torch and a tablet. The tablet is a perfect place to write something of sentimental or humorous value. Maybe even make the costume even more patriotic with some camo lingerie underneath your green gown. Just disregard the fact that you were a gift from the French.

Betty Boop

You might think that a lust for cartoon characters may seem childish or downright bizarre for a man. But really, there’s no need for ridicule. Betty Boop is as sexy as a woman comes. From the voice right down to the short dress, she’s a perfect ten. If you can get the accent down, you may as well expect flowers and other surprises for the forseeable future.

Mrs. Clause

The age of Mrs. Clause is a mystery. Therefore, dressing as her is totally appropriate for any age. Remember, you can incorporate sitting on your man’s lap, asking him for presents, and giving him milk and cookies. While all of this is sure to cause some laughter, you may want to skip the Christmas songs. There’s nothing more of a turnoff than trying to seduce someone to Bing Crosby’s White Christmas or Manheim Steamroller.

Courtney Love

This costume almost requires no preparation. It’s a totally ad-libbed costume. Mess your hair. Wear bright red lipstick. Hell, wear all the makeup you can. Don’t wear a bra. Find the oldest stuff in your closet and just rip holes in your shirt and pants. Or just wear a dress by itself. And, if it’s in your nature, you can have as many cocktails as you want to get into character. Play air guitar. Just don’t call him Kurt during the deed. He may get the wrong idea.

Hillary Clinton

Do you find power sexy? What better way to display your power lust than by dressing as the former First Lady. Now, this may seem like a proper turnoff for most men, but if you can make her outfit a little risqué, you may find this costume will get a laugh. Just cross your fingers that your man isn’t as unfaithful as Bill.

These are just a few ideas of how to get your man to laugh a little bit instead of being so serious in the bedroom. Use your knowledge of your man’s interest to find the perfect costume to suit yourselves. Let the games begin.