If you wish for a white Christmas every year and hope for a snow day as an adult, then maybe a winter wedding is the perfect fit. When planning the special occasion, take these tips into consideration.

1. Prepare for the Next Snowpocalypse

Despite your religious devotion to the farmer’s almanac, there’s no certain way to predict droughts, tropical storms, hurricanes, or winter blizzards. The best thing a wedding planner can do is hope for the best in case of a weather catastrophe on that big day.

If you’re crazy enough to plan an outdoor ceremony during winter, then have a backup plan in place for another location in the event of a blizzard or heavy snowfall. You and guests may be able to comfortably bear the cold temperature, but constant snowfall puts a damper on any event unless everyone is watching from indoors.

For outdoor decorations the trees could be lines with white Christmas lights, snowflake ornaments, white fancy canopies to limit snowfall, and mistletoe above where the bride and groom say their vows.

What the bride and groom decide to do with winter wedding dresses and men’s wear is entirely up to their imagination. There are plenty of fancy, stylish, winter coats for the entire wedding party.

2. Cash in on Off Season Discounts

Winter doesn’t tend to be that popular for weddings. Most weddings take place during the other three warmer seasons. Since it’s the wedding offseason, look to strike bargains and deals with wedding vendors. They’ll be excited to have your business during the off season.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States remains extremely high, but saving a few dollars with a winter wedding could go a long way towards an amazing honeymoon in a tropical paradise.

7 Simple Tips For Planning The Perfect Winter Wedding

3. Account for Day Light Savings Time

Do not forget about the lack of day light during winter. Schedule the ceremony in the late morning or early afternoon to leave enough time and natural light for outdoor wedding photos before the ceremony and after.

4. Do Not Host a Destination Wedding

Avoid a destination wedding during the winter season. The flights and resort prices will be higher due to the popularity of warmer destinations for winter vacations. You’ll be suffering financially due to college spring breaks and family vacations.

5. Anticipate a Short Guest List

Guests are less likely to show up to a winter wedding. Instead of paying for a large guest list at the reception, restructure the guest list to people you absolutely need there and believe will come. Don’t waste money on empty seats at the dinner tables. Once the caterer is paid, you can’t ask for a refund for the uneaten food.

Also, there’s no way to reasonably account for the effects of winter weather on travel. Guests traveling, especially driving, could be prevented from making it due to winter storms or ice accumulation.

6. Host an Unorthodox Rehearsal Dinner

Since it’s the winter season, keep that in mind when planning the rehearsal dinner. Perhaps a day on the mountains skiing or snowboarding and a fondue dinner is the perfect way to share this time with family. The unconventional and informal routes lets everyone relax and forget about the stress of the upcoming day.

No matter how informal the night becomes, don’t forget about giving out the cool groomsmen gifts and bridesmaids gifts for the wedding party. It’s always important to let the wedding party and family know your appreciation for their involvement in this special event.

7. Avoid Scheduling the Ceremony Close to a Holiday

The bride and groom may run into numerous issues when scheduling the wedding. Try to schedule the ceremony far enough away from any major holiday. First of all, guests will be less inclined to come around the holidays. They would rather spend any days off from work with family.

Depending on the location of the ceremony, the wedding decorating becomes more difficult. When around Christmas, the bride and wedding planner have to account for the removal of seasonal decorations at churches in order to make room for the customized wedding decorations.

Also, when purchasing floral arrangements, keep in mind that prices of roses and other specific flowers go up closer to Valentine’s Day.

Image Source – 100layercake.com