A piece of content can take a lot of thought, development, and research. When you put together a content fulfilment marketing plan, you want to try to get the most out of it. You can get great mileage out of your content. This can be accomplished with repurposing. This involves taking a work and adapting to a new content format and angle. This includes applying images, text copy, research, the general topic, and/or data to a new work. You can decrease costs, help insure increased audience efficiency and reach, and expedite production as well by incorporating this approach into a content fulfillment marketing campaign. A company such as The Sema Group can assist you with planning fulfilment as part of your marketing strategy.

The Benefits Of Repurposing

When you turn one round of research and ideation into multiple pieces of content, the most obvious benefit is repurposing. You can repurpose the topic into various formats which allows focus on different aspects of the topic. A PDF guide or blog post may focus on explaining concepts on text copy. A video or infographic may center on stats, other angles in content presentation, and data visualizations.

How To Fulfill Your Marketing Plan

The Repurposing Process

When you plan for repurposing opportunities form the start, it can help you develop and research content efficiently. It can also streamline your publication process. Begin with your core idea. An example can be lightweight running shoes for 2013 or tax planning tips for small businesses. You should identify your main topic. Consider ways that your topic can be applied to various formats, even though you are at this early stage. If you wanted to choose the topic to be about running shoes, then more text heavy formats may center on reviews and features. When it comes to visual media, the focus may be on training tips and warm up instructions.

You also need to break your ideas down into key topic areas. It could be a conceptual map or a conventional text outline. Blog posts can flesh out bulletpoint into complete articles. Presentations and videos can convey them into visual summaries.


Here are some different examples of what your main concept can be repurposed into:

* Blog posts – Blog posts and similar onsite articles are an excellent stating point for content. They can require a great deal of copywriting, research, and structure. This is how you can present new content to your audience.

* Presentations and Slideshare – This is a fantastic way to boil down content to its essence. The content from your Outline/Mindmap can serve as the bones of an efficient presentation with some judicious formatting.

* Infographics – This format is a great way to present processes, data visualizations, and other content that is geared toward graphic presentation.