Most people are eager to adopt new technology and find out what the latest gadgets can do. However, there still are a lot of people who are resistant to new technology and prefer to do things the old fashioned way. Parents, grandparents, or really anyone on your holiday shopping list might be a little resistant to change and want to just get a good pair of socks for their gift.

Even the most anti-tech people can be transformed from one great gift. A tech-savvy person can give any non-tech lover a great gift that will make them want to revamp all of the technology in their life. These gifts can be adapted for almost anyone and make great gifts for any family member or friend. Here are six tech gifts for not so tech savvy people that techies can use to make this the best holiday ever.

A Tablet

Tablets are a great hybrid for people who struggle with their mobile phone but do not want to carry around their laptop. Tablets have been really great for people who are still learning to use touch screens and navigate a mobile platform.

An e-reader

E-readers are the perfect gifts for the book lover or anyone who hates staring at a typical screen. Anyone can switch to reading on an e-reader without ever missing their traditional paper books. Most e-readers have special screens that read just like paper and are easy for anyone to use.

A New TV

This may seem like a boring tech gift, but there are still a lot of people watching TV every day on a small screen that has poor picture quality. Gift givers can blow their minds with the great TVs available today. Set up the TV with Direct TV in Oregon and they will never want to leave the house again.

A Laptop

Laptops are the perfect midway gift for those who love their desktop computer, but are looking for something a little easier to use and work with. Laptops can even be bought with removable touch screens that allow people to have a tablet and laptop in one. These also can range in price to help people choose the best gift no matter what their budget is.

A Software Upgrade

There are software upgrades every year, but many people neglect their updates and stick with the old stuff for years. Getting an upgraded software package can help anyone learn to love their technology and get more use out of it. This can also help protect a person’s technology from potential threats that could have been piling up over the years.

A Digital Frame

Again, not a revolutionary piece of equipment, but it is something that everyone will love. Gift givers can upload some great pictures on it before it gets to the new owner to give anyone some great memories and a great way to share them with everyone. This is a simple gift that can be of great use to a person for years.