Most teens take for granted the fact that their car is a machine and is prone to breaking down. Should that happen, know what to do to keep both yourself and other drivers safe.

Don’t Panic

This is the worst thing you could do. Making sure your car is taken care of properly requires a clear head and smart thinking. Remember to keep taking slow, deep breaths as this will stave off any incoming panic attacks. Similarly, don’t freeze. You need to get your car off the road immediately to reduce the risk of an unintended collision.

Teen Driving What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down On The Freeway

Move the Car

If you can, get the car onto the shoulder of the highway, a parking lot or somewhere neutral. If you can, keep it on a straight stretch of highway so other cars can clearly see you. Do not get out of the car if it stalls in the middle of the road. People are much more likely to see a stopped car than they are to see a human running across a busy roadway.

Call for Help

Nowadays, you will more than likely have a cell phone on you. Immediately call your auto club or highway patrol. Alerting the authorities means they can get you the equipment you need to get to a place where your car can be fixed. In addition, highway patrolmen can reroute traffic and then help you move the car off the road safely.

Get Towed

Since the car is now not working, you need to get it to a service station.  You will need to call a towing company like Mike’s Auto Towing who can help provide you with roadside assistance and get your vehicle to a service station. While it may be pricey, it’s far more expensive to simply leave your car on the side of the road. Besides, what is wrong with the car may be easily fixed by a proper mechanic.

Common Sense

Breakdowns can happen anywhere, requiring split second decisions. Always think clearly and make judgment calls based on the current situation. What works for a breakdown in a suburb on a sunny day in August will not work for a breakdown on a snowy highway in the middle of the night. So long as you remember to stay safe and not run into traffic, you should make it out alright.

Cars can’t run forever. While a breakdown can be stressful, it doesn’t need to be scary. Remember to stay rational and always play it safe by alerting every one of your distress.