Internet poker has changed the way people enjoy cards, with some of the most exciting games in the world available to enjoy from the comfort of your living room. But if you thought that was revolutionary, then you’ve obviously heard nothing about the next technological wave set to sweep the scene: mobile.

Whether you play on an Apple iOS device (that’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to you and me) or a Beta compatible smartphone model, it’s now as simple as pressing a couple of buttons on your handset and you are in the midst of a game.

And if you thought you needed to be a master of the game to make the transition to this form of the game think again – here are some tips to help you learn to play poker on your mobile.

Tip 1 – Read up on the rules

When dishing out advice on mastering mobile poker it’s important to start by going over the basics and when it comes to cards it doesn’t get much simpler than buffing up on the rules.

Poker comes in many different variants from the established favourite Texas Holdem to less familiar formats like Omaha Hi, so take some time to read up about your chosen game before you get started – you’ll thank us for it.

Learn Poker On Your Mobile!

Tip 2 – Take up tutorials

One of the first things you are going to learn about mobile poker is that success takes patience. No one becomes a hot-to-trot card player over night, so give yourself the best possible chance of winning by taking advice and learning how to play the game wherever possible.

One of the best outlets for such help are the online tutorials available through most mobile poker providers. They will show you how the game engine works and ensure you avoid any embarrassing or expensive early faux-pas.

Tip 3 – Get help with your maths

Calculating odds in the world of poker can be a tricky business. For some, it represents a straightforward process that was aided by years spent studying fractions closely during maths lessons at school.

For the rest of us, it’s a pain and one that can be easily avoided by utilising one of the many mobile odds calculators available to download.

Tip 4- Develop a strategy or borrow one

After a few quick-fire hands of poker on your mobile, you’ll quickly realise that in order to achieve sustained success, you need to have a game plan in place, so that when certain cards are placed in front of you, you’ll know what to do in double quick time.

Have a look online, there are plenty of strategy apps around to give you a helping hand along the way. Failing that, a bit of research should do the trick.

Tip 5 – Keep a journal

Woah there! We aren’t suggesting you write down your thoughts and feelings about mobile poker. Instead, we are suggesting you get a poker journal app which will let you track your winnings and see where things have gone wrong and where they have gone right.

Tip 6 – Timing is everything

Mobile poker is all about high-speed play so try to get yourself as prepared as possible for the fast nature of the game by downloading a poker timer app. They are easy to find and can be a major help ahead of any real-money experience.

Tip 7 – Get real game time

In poker, as with most games, practice makes perfect and while we would never oppose playing against a computer opponent, few things compare to the real-life dynamic of meeting another mobile poker player with his own tips, tricks and strategy.