The end of a semester is upon us once more, and everyone is scrambling to improve their class scores at the last minute. This guide covers techniques to enhance grades during the final weeks of school.

Eat Breakfast

Food equals energy, and this is important for increasing participation during the final few class sessions. The mind needs nourishment, so pack in the protein, vitamins and minerals. All of these natural supplements are found in healthy breakfasts, so make time for a few bites before school.


The most common cause of poor academic performance is a lack of rest. The mind needs sleep to recover, and it can succumb to poor cognitive functioning without it. This equals limited memory, articulation and critical thinking. Students should think twice before staying up late cramming!

Make Jingles

Many minds in the classroom struggle with memorization before exams, but they know the lyrics to their favorite songs by heart. These two interests should be merged for studying purposes. From a psychological standpoint, auditory art makes knowledge easier to ingrain in the brain. It doesn’t require a music education masters degree to utilize tunes for grades, and singing written notes may even help learners attain this academic award.

Round Up

Smart students take advantage of the rounding policies instated by many classes and colleges. If an A is 90%, students can actually aim for 89.6%. It may only be a difference of 0.4%, but it bridges the gap between a 3.0 and 4.0 GPA.

Befriend the Teacher

Informal interactions with the professor can go a long way. Demonstrating intellect to a professor can unofficially raise a faltering grade. By showing the knowledge that was gained through the course, students can prove they deserve a better grade. While this is not a traditional avenue for boosted prospects, it works surprisingly well in garnering extra credit.


If a grade cannot be salvaged, there are methods to keep it from appearing on the permanent record, especially in college. Under certain circumstances, students can exit a course without incurring any penalties. Of course, they may have to take the class again, but they will have the resources to ace every test during the next time around.

The best academic minds never give up. If your grade looks worrisome, try some of the strategies detailed above. If all else fails, just remember that school is not everything in life. Good luck!