6 Sure-Fire Tips For An SEO-friendly Press ReleasePosting SEO friendly press releases is one of the most essential SEO technique, even after the release of Google Panda. If you’re still not aware of Google Panda, click here. This is one of the very good post which will give you a brief idea on Google Panda and how it has changed the best practices done by SEO service professionals. Now coming back to our press release submission, they are like an online sound bites concerning to the matter at hand and aimed for mass distribution.

Writing an internet soundbit is not same as writing offline content or writing blogs. There is a specific style and format of developing an online press release article. In addition to that, there is an array of criteria to post and submit the press release in an SEO-friendly way. In this article, I have discussed 6 proven tips for an SEO-friendly press release:

Hot Story

You can imagine yourself as a journalist and think as if you’re in a newspaper office where your superior editor is shouting at you to find a hot story. Many SEO professionals have a misconception that writing a press release means they always need to write about their company their product. However, this not at all the case. You can find something current, thought-provoking, debated and exciting.

Keep it Short!

The main purpose is to accommodate all necessary information on your subject topic in a brief. The ideal word size of any press release is 500 words. So, you can write the content of any length, but not exceeding 500 words. An overstuffed article may reduce the interest of readers, thus it is always recommended to write an article to-the-point.

Appealing Title

You have got only 2.5 seconds to grab the reader’s attention so make an appealing, interesting and brain teaser title for your press release. Also, the first line of your press release article should be super catchy that can drag the reader in on a personal level.


Use quotes in the “who” section of your article liberally. This will enable you to initiate an algorithm with Google.


Make sure you adhere to the standard layout of the press release submission. A proper format with the quality content can help you target maximum readers via mass distribution.

Publish Everywhere!

It is interesting to know that, unlike blogs and articles, you can re-post your press release articles to as many websites as you wish, and google won’t create any negative impact from this.

Search engine optimization is a tedious job. One needs to have a thorough understanding of search engine algorithms and latest trends in internet marketing. Especially, the release of Google Panda has promoted SEO professionals as web strategists.