Whether you work from home, operate a small business, or simply need extra office space in a new place, a virtual office provides the ideal solution. A virtual office consists of all aspects of a traditional office, without the overhead costs of maintaining and owning an office.

The main purpose of a virtual office company is to supply an address where clients can register their business, obtain incoming communications, and conduct meetings.


Besides being an excellent solution for work-at-home entrepreneurs and small companies, virtual office is a revolutionary and cost-effective solution for companies willing to set up their offices abroad.

Below are great tips that will be helpful for you to choose the best virtual office for your company.

1. Understanding your business requirements.

Different virtual office suppliers will have different emphasis. In case you have stringent business needs where regular use of meeting rooms and meeting areas is required, you should choose an office that can support your meeting needs.

2. It is all about the address.

Every business address has its reputation and image, just like all the other brands. The address actually is a brand in itself. Usually you want to avoid an address having a poor reputation, like felony or illegal activities. It is also good to avoid addresses that have a history of failed businesses.

A prestigious, prime and powerful commercial address is an ideal choice. The higher the property price of a particular location is, generally more prestigious address it is.

3. Location.

Virtual office might not be an office where you go to work, however it does matter how convenient it is for you to pick up your mails or have meetings. Are there multiple roads leading to your office? How is the traffic condition in peak and non-peak hours? All these factors should influence your decision.

4. Parking facilities.

Would you waste a lot of time looking for car parking and paying huge sums as parking fee each time you stop at your office to pick up your mails?

5. Who are the neighbors?

Good neighbors certainly add to the prestige of the location. Your office is definitely more valuable if many other big brands or MNC’s are in the same building or block.

6. Look out for hidden fees and charges.

This is probably the most crucial factor to consider when choosing the best virtual office for your needs. An office may seem inexpensive based on the rate published, but you may have to spend more at the end of the year. For instance, many offer free fax number, but charge you for every page received. Others can provide meeting rooms, but the room rates can be more expensive than a 5-star hotel.

Some virtual offices offer value-added services for example booking keeping and dispatch. You may want to know how they charge for these services.

Finally, in addition to the tips mentioned above, you may want to know who owns the premises. It would be a problem if the owner ever decides to move without notice.

The tips mentioned above will help you in choosing the best virtual office for your business needs. Having a great office location will certainly assist you in your business.

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Somchai Wanlop is a business writer and businessman from Bangkok.