Building a WordPress website is incredibly easy and allows webmasters to design professional websites with relative ease. However, customizing themes and webpages within WordPress can be difficult for those are unaccustomed to HTML, CSS, or other programming languages. Those who are used to programming webpages manually are also always on the lookout for an easier way of getting down to business. To make designing websites in WordPress even easier than it already is, webmasters can take advantage of plugins and themes that come with built-in layout builders that allow webmasters to design webpages and even entire websites by simply dragging and dropping modules or content into the most ideal position. The following are five awesome drag and drop layout builders that do just that.

1. Headway Theme Builder

Headway Theme Builder is a theme framework that allows WordPress users to design templates for their WordPress pages via a grid-based layout builder. With Headway Theme Builder, users can select a portion of the grid and add built-in modules to that selected portion. Because this layout builder uses a grid, users can select a portion of any size and arrange content however they want to. The single site version of Headway Theme Builder is available for $87 and the developer version is available for $174.

2. MiniMax

Minimax from WPEden is another drag and drop layout builder that allows webmasters to specify the exact size of a module and then add content to it. While MiniMax doesn’t have a visual grid system, the plugin works the same way. Because MiniMax is a plugin, it is compatible with any theme and supports any installed WordPress widget within its user interface, in addition to its own custom modules. MiniMax is available for only $35.

3. Elegant Themes Plugin

The Drag and Drop Plugin from Elegant Themes is an amazing plugin that appears just below the Visual Editor once installed. Unlike the previously mentioned layout builders, which have the user select a module’s size before deciding what content to place in that module, this plugin allows users to choose the module they want before specifying the size. Once modules are placed, they can be rearranged and resized at the user’s leisure. While this plugin cannot be purchased individually, users can obtain this plugin as well as the other 82 plugins from Elegant Themes for $89.

4. PageLines

PageLines has often been referred to as the greatest drag and drop theme framework for WordPress, due to its responsiveness and adaptability to virtually any website. PageLines features tools for ecommerce and social networking and allows users to create entire pages and menus from the interface. PageLines also allows users to customize how their site looks via color palettes and sizing options. Like any other layout builder, PageLines also features a variety of modules and widgets, as well as the ability to customize a site further via CSS and HTML. The single site version of PageLines is available for $97, while the developer version is available for $197.

5. Carrington Build

Carrington Build is yet another drag and drop layout builder for WordPress, designed for high-end users who expect the best features available. Carrington Build allows users to insert modules of their choosing into a WordPress page via a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor and then drag those modules around to their liking. Modules can be quickly resized and all content within the editor can be saved as a template for later user. The single site version of Carrington Build is available for $299 while the unlimited site version is available for $999.

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