It is no secret that for many their teenage years are a mix of joy, frustration and at times pain. As young people work through this phase of their lives they are often faced with many decisions. These decisions can impact them both in the present as well as their plans for the future.

Topics like attending college and the possibility of moving out of the family home are likely to be discussed. Other more personal topics that may come up during this time could revolve around the young adult’s health. For instance, some teens and their families and medical teams may discuss lap-band surgery.

Do you or your teenager qualify for the procedure?

The first question that goes through many people’s minds when discussing any type of surgical intervention may be do I qualify? While certain procedures may not have any qualifications that need to be met prior to the procedure, weight loss surgery does.

In order to be deemed eligible for the procedure the potential patient must medically qualify. The qualifications listed below will give the medical team a better understanding of whether or not you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure.  While these may help you understand your eligibility, as with all medical procedures it is important to talk to your physician and surgeon prior to the procedure!

The patient’s current Body Mass Index or BMI is at least 40 or are at the very least 30 pounds overweight with a BMI of at least 30 with one or more obesity related conditions. And the patient is currently not pregnant.

How to prepare?

Once you have been deemed a medically eligible candidate for the procedure it is time to start the pre-surgery preparation phase.

As with all potentially life changing medical procedures it is important the patient and their support system prepare themselves both mentally and physically. Teenagers who are still in school when they have the procedure done should make arrangements for assignments to be delivered electronically or picked up for them while on recovery.

Physically the work will begin about two weeks before the procedure date. It is now that the patient will be expected to start making changes to their diet in order to reduce the size of their liver and the amount of fat around the stomach.

Also keep in mind that the post-surgery diet will also be drastically different than what the patient was used to prior to the procedure.

Benefits of the Procedure

One thing many teenagers look for in all aspects of their lives is the answer to the question, how is this going to benefit me? In terms of lap band surgery for kids, the benefits can be many. The physical benefits are improvements in overall health as well as having the ability to become more active with their friends. The mental and emotional side may be they are more easily accepted as well as they no longer have to be self-conscious about their weight. Teens have enough to worry about as is and weight should not be one of them!

Undergoing any major surgery does come with its risks. Prior to committing to this or any other procedure make sure you are medically able to undergo it safely and successfully. Remember it is okay to ask questions and lean on others for help, physical or otherwise, prior to and after the surgery.

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