It’s almost impossible to remember but not many short years ago we didn’t walk around with tiny computers in our pocket powerful enough to organise our lives, play our music, entertain us, keep us informed and store our information.

The rise of smartphone technology is absolutely phenomenal and every year brings with it steps forward, making our smartphones ever more powerful, ever more impressive and ever more useful,

But mostly, they entertain us. Whether we play games, watch TV, stream movies, download music, take photos, use social networking sites or even talk to people with them, they have an endless capacity to keep us busy.

Here are the top five ways your smartphone can keep you happy.

5 Ways Your Smartphone Brings You Top Notch Entertainment

Link you to the whole world

Every social networking site has an app for your smartphone now. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine there are more and more ways to connect with people, share jokes, information and chat and generally get a bit nosy!

Being able to instantly chat to people no matter where they are in the world is an amazing advantage offered by smartphone technology, and online apps like WhatsApp and Skype mean we don’t even have to use our payment plans. As long as we have WiFi we can just chat to our friends.

Encourage creativity

Even selfies are a form of creativity and it’s a fact that there are loads of apps out there to help the least talented photographer take some pretty stunning images. Although purists may say it’s cheating, there is no doubt that being able to share photos on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook have definitely increased a lot of people’s interest in the aesthetics around them, or at least encouraged them to take loads of pictures of their friends getting drunk!

Offers amazing games

Playing games on your smartphone is hugely popular, whether you’re interested in easy casual games like Angry Birds, word games like Words With Friends or online casinos like, there is going to be something out there for everyone. Online poker for instance is increasing massively at the moment with everybody from top celebs to your next door neighbour getting in on the action – why play online poker There are even games for kids and pets – cats are well known lovers of certain smartphone and tablet games!

Smartphone games are just as technologically pleasing as anything you can play on your laptop and offer the advantage of being able to pick up and play whenever you have time.

Shows you the way

One of the most useful and most used apps is Google Maps. Apple also came up with their version, which rather sadly crashed and burned but the ability to use GPS and find your way anywhere at any time, as long as you have an internet connection is undoubtedly useful. No more getting lost trying to find the theatre/cinema/gig for that hot ticket event you just booked yourself into. You can buy sat nav apps if you need something rather more sophisticated, at much cheaper prices than buying a new sat nav, and you can use it while walking, cycling or running as well. Talking of which…

Fitness apps

Whether you want to measure your marathon training or just want to get a route up for your easy 5k there is a fitness app that will suit you. You can get ones that shout at you, talk you through it or just quietly measure your progress and send you reports. They are genuinely useful and a really popular facet of smartphone apps.