The Great Wolf Lodge is one place to be with the whole family! Where else can you get more than 10 water slides and family attraction sites and boasts of about 400 suites in the state of Ohio? Without any doubt, this is the largest attraction in the state and with the title comes many goodies for the whole family. Interesting fact is that they have coupons with which you can get great discounts under the Great Wolf Lodge chain of businesses as depicted below:

Great Wolf Lodge: The Weatherproof Fun Factory

  • Free Passes

Great Wolf Lodge coupons are used to offer guests the chance to pay for a given package and enjoy either a free pass to the water park at the same rate. Interestingly, the park is riddled with numerous water slides and games that your family can enjoy. With the free pass, you stand a chance to enjoy the marvelous water rides and virtual tours. These are indoor built structures that are all weather friendly attractions. Suited for the whole family, the water parks are designed for all kinds of people ranging from the toddlers, to the teens to the adults who are bound to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Discounted Meals

The lodge also offers an array of restaurants, cafes and snack shops that are all over the 30-mile radius facility. In these, you can enjoy your stay and ensure that you get the most of it by combining with the activities that are available there. By booking and making reservations, you can stand a chance to have credits on your meals given you have satisfied given conditions. Given the variety of food facilities in that lodge, you are bound to be surprised by the various cuisines and foods they serve

  • Accommodation

The lodge has more ten different style suite rooms that are available for reservation depending on your liking. There is the family suite that can house up to six family members and the loft fireplace suite that can host multiple families. Depending on your need, these can be reserved and paid for. You can also enjoy discounted rates when you choose to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge for more than two nights. The discounts come in terms of credits for dining and or water passes.

  • Fun and Games

The lodge boasts of two Water Park attractions namely bear track landing, which is the indoor water park that extends up to 78,000 square feet and the outdoor Raccoon lagoon. The former has 11 water slides, 6 pools, a state of the art water coaster, and a tree house water fort. In addition, there is an adult whirlpool too. At the raccoon lagoon, there are water basketball activities, kid’s activities, water geysers and spray features as well as heated water. For the sun lovers, there is a patio where you can sit and enjoy the sun.

As for the games, there is the Magi Quest, which stands out in the sense that it is a three-dimensional adventure game that transverses throughout the facility.

Authors Bio

George Martin is a college Lecturer who loves to travel and sample the various foods from different culture. He visited Ohio State last year with his family and got accommodation using Great Wolf Lodge coupons