Much of your attention you give to jackets, bottoms, tops and warmers but what about your socks? Have you ever thought about socks you wear? There are different socks out there that have a different purpose.

If you begin to search you would come across woollen socks online India and these would leave you stunned. The variety you get in socks is matchless and beyond plainness. Following are four types of socks that everybody should own. Once you have a pair for every occasion, you can keep yourself warm and excited.


1. Knee Length Socks

These kinds of socks are usually used by women, generally under their boots. These get extensively used during the time of winters. These socks work as a cushion and add an additional layer to keep the feet warm. These socks are even used as a part of uniforms in various different hospitality industries. However, these socks are worn by men too but not really often. Similarly, it won’t be wrong to say that both man and woman can own these socks for the best experience.

2. Quarter Length Socks

These types of socks go a little above the area of your ankles and they get you great coverage and guard the back of the feet from shoe bites and inflammations.  Men can easily carry these socks in their professional gatherings. These are comfortable to wear and keep the area cosy. Similarly, women can wear these socks to protect their feet. The exciting thing is that apart from the neutral shades like black, gray, and white and navy blue; there are different colours and designs too in these socks.

3. Calf Length Socks

Although this kind of socks also caters some coverage, however, the socks do not go above the level of knee. Onecan wear this with dresses, skirts or shorts and appear absolutely hip and cool wherever you go. These would make your legs look stylish, trendy and cosy.

4. Dress Socks

These types of socks are considered apt when wearing formal or semi-formal clothes. These dress socks are available in all sizes, shades, designs and even fabric. You can easily find the right pairs to match up with your shoes. Since these are made up of warm fabric like woollen, these keep your legs cosy throughout the chilling times.

5. Athletic Socks

In case you want a pair of socks that can do everything for you,then you must get this warm and comfortable socks that generally possess arch compression for great support, smooth stitching so that the toes of the wearer won’t get itchy.  There is even awoollen polyester blend that averts the feet getting cold, wet, and even uncomfortable. Adding to this,  this type of sock has cushioning on the heel and ball of the foot, hence you are not going to feel much tired in case you wear them while  skiing, hiking, or walking around for a long time.

Thus, you get everything in clothes today.  Whether you want to own the best woollen cap for women, stylish socks or designer winter accessories; you can have it all for comfort and cosiness.