Long before beard grooming and beards, in general, gained popularity, the clean-shaven look has been the norm and preferred over a bearded look. It is not like people did not grow a beard back then, but due to lack of beard grooming, a grown beard used to look scruffy, unkempt, and hideous in some cases.

The clean-shaven look is timeless, and it is marketed in the same way. You are bound to look presentable, confident, and approachable.

Beards, on the other hand, are also a great accessory to wear in the growing trend. With beard grooming products like trimmer, beard wax, beard oil, beard wash, and whatnot, it’s all becoming just as good providing the needed nourishment to your beard.

If you are confused between a clean shave look and bearded look, keep reading this to know which one is right for why, while we discuss the rights and wrongs for the same.

Clean shaven look

If you are wondering about how to clean shave, the process is very straight-forward. There is zero to low maintenance when you think about sporting a beard.

First, apply the shaving cream to your beard and use it throughout the beard, so the facial hair is softened and ready to get cut. Run the razor with short strokes or your face. Start from the cheeks and then move towards the sensitive areas so that the shaving cream is soaked well. Wash your face thoroughly and then apply the aftershave lotion. The clean-shaven look makes you look younger, easy to maintain, and it is accepted everywhere.

On the other hand, you have to spend on razor blades as frequent shaving is mandatory. There is hardly anything exciting about it, you have to keep doing it like a daily chore. Face irritation problems like razor burns, bumps, cuts, and nicks are also uninvited sometimes, which ruin your clean shave.

Bearded look

Beards, as we mentioned earlier, is a growing trend, and the chances of it going out of trend over fortnight do not sound realistic. Beards are not easy to sport there is a lot of patience involved in growing a right beard. Beards give you a fresh look every time you trim or shave it in a different shape. If you love the bearded look, you don’t have to shave every day, a trim here and there, and you are ready for the day. Maintaining the shape is fun, and it is just a matter of time trim, wash, quick comb, and bam!

But, a bearded look also has the other side. Growing a beard is great, but sometimes it becomes itchy, and therefore, proper beard maintenance is needed. Hard to grow a beard since you can’t do anything about it, if your genes can’t.

In a nutshell

A clean-shaven look or bearded look can be a subjective debate where the preferences matter more than the aesthetics or pros and cons. You might agree with the advantages of sporting a clean-shaven look, but you can’t get over that bearded look.