New York is a very progressive city, so there are many different innovations being introduced there. For example, New Yorkers have long been accustomed to convenient services and applications that facilitate their life. Often, they are so dependent on them that cannot imagine life without these helpful things. So, we have prepared for you the list of the most convenient services for all New Yorkers and those travelers who are going to visit it.


When traveling throughout New York, you should pay attention to alternative transport options. For example, you can try Citi Bike or car rental in New York. Citi Bike is a very cheap service, which gives you access to all bicycles in Manhattan and Brooklyn for just $15 per month. By subscribing to this option, you can ride a bike for free 45 minutes at a time. Next, you can park and start a new trip, or pay $2.5 for additional 30 minutes. Also, Citi Bike service offers a convenient application that helps to keep track of the availability of bicycles in any place and the available spots for bicycle return. You can also see how many miles and calories were spent for each trip. Considering the fact how often tourists encounter failures on metro lines, they will definitely be able to save time on close distances by using Citi Bike. The annual subscription costs $165. For tourists there are options for 1 and 3 days, which start from $12.

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Of course, New York is the capital of fashion, and Rent the Runway Company successfully uses this advantage. As you probably already guessed by the name, they offer to rent fashionable designer clothing to everyone. It offers both everyday looks, and chic dresses from expensive designers. Generally, you can choose from 250,000+ clothes. The rental cost of a single thing starts from $30 and increases depending on its retail price. As for rental terms, 4-day or 6-day rentals are available. You will find there both dresses, handbags, and jewelry. You can also choose clothing by style or create your own look. The company advises to order clothes 1-2 days before the desired event or the planned day of use. In addition, a delivery option works. The price includes delivery to your home, insurance for minimal wear, washing as well as UPS label to send clothing back.

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If you decide that this service is helpful for you, then you can also subscribe to a monthly option. To fans of fashion we advise unlimited subscription! For just $139/month you can receive 3 clothing items at a time and change them to others as soon as you send them back. You can send as 1 item, and all at once. Also, it’s possible to leave your favorite look for the entire month and even take it on vacation! The monthly cost also includes a free consultation with a stylist in the company’s office. Anyway, this option will greatly save your budget if you attend a lot of events and don’t want to always wear the same clothes


Of course, food is the second important aspect of New York’s life, and there are just a million options in this field of ​​New York services. However, we tried to choose the best of them! For example, pay attention to the relatively new service called Food Kick. It’s a convenient service, which delivers products, ready snacks and alcohol to your address within a couple of hours! By the way, prices are quite adequate, and the choice of products is the same as in the nearby food market.

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Fresh Direct is also a very useful service. You will find there any products according to your taste. This is a real online supermarket where you can order everything for the house from food to household goods. Compared with other delivery services, Fresh Direct is not for thrifty buyers. Nevertheless, its prices compete with Deli, and it has an internal bakery and cooperates with local farms, which is a big bonus. Often, you will also find ‘farmer’s box’ options with seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables that will be delivered to your home. Each delivery costs $5.99. For new subscribers there are special promotions – a discount of $25 when ordering from $99.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is another competitor among food delivery services. However, it includes a mandatory monthly payment of $15. Its advantage is the cooperation with Whole Foods Market with its organic products.


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Recently, ‘subscription boxes’ – so-called boxes with a monthly delivery, have become very popular in New York. Of course, this also applies to alcohol! You can find several different options for wine box subscriptions: Winc or Bright Cellar. When you subscribe to Winc, you will receive 4 bottles of wine each month. The cost of wine is from $13 including delivery. You can choose the wine according to your taste or take advice from the site. If necessary, it’s possible to unsubscribe at any time. On the site of Bright Cellar you will be offered to pass a wine test to determine the appropriate taste, and the system will pick up different varieties of wine to suit your criteria.