Your wedding day is a special time for not only you but your future spouse, family members, and friends. When you announce your engagement, there will usually be people who begin thinking about gifts to purchase for your home or that you can enjoy with your spouse. If you’re thinking about making a wedding registry, there are a few luxury items that you might want to include.

5 Luxury Items You Should Ask For As Wedding Gifts


If you enjoy making your own beverages or combining ingredients to make sauces, salsas, and other recipes, then you’re going to need a blender of some kind on your kitchen counter. There are several stainless steel options that are durable and that include a few tools with them to make blending fun and easy. You can also find blenders to add to your registry that has travel mugs with them if you want to enjoy your beverages on the go or throughout the day.


Unless you plan on eating out all the time, you’re going to need some kind of cookware. Luxury copper cookware will usually last longer than other materials, and it offers a beautiful addition to the kitchen that cast iron or other types of metal usually don’t deliver. When deciding what kind of cookware to get, such as a Brooklyn copper saucepan think about the types of meals that you like to prepare and the space that you have to store pots and pans since there are different sizes available.

Bathroom Linens

After taking a shower, there’s nothing like wrapping up in a soft towel or robe before getting dressed. The linens in your bathroom might not sound like they would be luxurious, but there are a few ideas to consider. Rugs with a carefully crafted design or towels that are made of high-quality cotton blends are among the items that you can request that people give you for your wedding as gifts. Some rugs have metallic fibers in them that can add a touch of brilliance to the room.

Sheet Sets

You’ll need sheets on your beds, so why not ask for luxury sheets that are comfortable that you might not purchase for yourself? Look for sheet sets that have a higher thread count because they will be softer and more comfortable to sleep on at night. An option for personalization is to get your sheets monogrammed or ask that some of the sheets and linens you receive be monogrammed for an added touch.

Dinnerware Sets

A beautiful dinnerware set is an ideal wedding gift that you could ask for on your registry or if someone has asked about what to get you. An option would be to ask for a set that you could leave on a kitchen table as more of a decoration along with a set that you can use on a daily basis. Etched dinnerware sets offer the elegance that you might desire if you’re looking for a luxury gift.

A fun aspect of your wedding is seeing all of the gifts that people might give to you and your spouse. You can make it easier for people to know what you need and want by making a gift registry at your favorite stores. This is a time to celebrate, and there’s nothing wrong with getting everyone else in on the party.