Imagine having a particularly special day. When you’re expected to be in the highlight or are in an excellent mood. You’ve put together a spot-on outfit that shouts #OOTD or #Outfitgoals for your Instagram. You get to your closet and look for the perfect topper for your look. You find your pink leather jacket, hanging invitingly and voila! You’ve found the right match!

Leather jackets are the perfect fashion investment. It’s a piece you can wear all year long. It compliments a wide variety of looks. It adds a touch of sophistication to your clothes and makes you look chic effortlessly.

Choose pink

Pink is an extraordinary color. Not only is it feminine but also very stylish. The millennial pink has been trending for well over two years, and it only seems to be growing. The color has been a favorite for fashion gurus like Burberry and Versace for years now, which includes 2018.

Choosing a pink leather jacket like this one has a lot of benefits. Not only will it up to your fashion game but also, it won’t leave a dent in your pocket. Even if some leather jackets are pricey, they are worth it.

Pairing your jackets with the right outfits is an art. So here are a few ways you can style your pink leather jacket and it’s easier than you thought.

With neutrals

Neutral colors like black, grey and white are the go-to colors for a majority of people. Not only are they easy to put together but also exude the contemporary vibe. Abercrombie’s latest collection is proof of how popular neutrals are today. Adding a pop of color to an everyday neutral outfit would be a welcome change.

A pink jacket would be a comfortable topper with any outfit you decide. It would stand out, and since the color has calming properties, you’ll definitely feel happy all day.

Add a scarf

When nothing else seems to work, you can always put a scarf on. For days when you are running out of time and need to look great, you can pull out blue jeans, white top, pink jacket and a neutral scarf and ta-da.  You’re good to go.

A scarf tied correctly adds a lot to an outfit. You can choose to tie it or just wrap it around.

Break the monochrome

An all-black or all-white outfit is the smartest choice in the book when it comes to elegance. It is a combination that flatters every body type. So everyone who is a little conscious of their shape can find comfort in monochromes. The monochromatic dressing has been promoted by style icons like Victoria Beckham and the saying ‘less is more’ can be implemented in this next look.

Leather jackets add contour to your body. They smooth out your shape and leave you feeling smart and chic, all at once.

If you are one of those people who tend to wear monochromes often, you can break your routine by pairing a pink leather jacket with your look.

With a dress

You have plans for an evening out and have been contemplating about a dress, but the weather seems to be unpredictable? Put a jacket on and save the trouble. You can wear a shift dress to work with a leather jacket or even a sheath dress on a date. A lot of dressy outfits can be worn with the pink leather jacket. Gigi Hadid can surely be an inspiration for the jacket on a dress trend.

Leather jackets are the perfect balance of sophisticated elegance and the edgy trendiness. Be it a punk costume or a summer dress; the whole variety can be paired with a basic leather jacket. They take your outfit from Plain Jane to top-model awesome.


There are times when your outfits need a subtle push. You just need to wear the perfect accessory to do that. Adding a pair of heels with your jacket outfit can do wonders to your look. Statement jewelry is another one of those elements that can make or break your look. Choosing the correct piece would add a tinge of dressiness to your look.

You can always pair a nice handbag with your jacket and follow the airport chic look carried by countless international celebrities. Whatever you choose to wear depends on what you want. Accessories spice up your look in an amazing way. They bring out the wow factor in your outfit.

Wrap Up

A pink leather jacket has a lot to offer. It matches well with neutral looks. It adds a little color to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Wearing a scarf with such an outfit would make you look well put together and elegant, all at once.

Monochromes are easy to break with a pink jacket. This combination leaves you looking shapely, and that would boost your energy fourfold. Dresses too can be worn with leather jackets. Your sheath, shift or summer dresses can all be paired up these.

You can accessorize your pink leather jacket look with heels or handbags. Be it wedges or block heels, totes or crossbody bags; each of these accessories will sharpen your look. Adding jewelry to this mix is another great option. Style yourself the way you like, just remember to be comfortable with yourself.

Your style is personal. Nothing defines it but your personal preference. You can wear anything that makes you comfortable or makes you feel good. You do not need to push yourself into unpleasant directions just to look like someone. Imitating a trend just because the majority has done it does not mean that you need to do it. Do things that make you feel happy to look the best. Be yourself.