Dealing with real estate investment is not just like buying a new pair of shoes, or purchasing new clothes. It’s a complex procedure that requires a lot of time and attention because it involves a large amount of money. That’s why you need to be smart in dealing with all your decisions, and it is also essential that you consider all the factors to protect your investment. You must consult with your financial advisor if the investment is worthwhile or not

One way of securing a real estate investment is to be familiar with all the documents needed to close the deal on a property. This is to abide by the requirements of law and to avoid real estate scams. Knowing the essential documents needed in negotiating properties will assure that you of have a fair deal in buying or selling real estate.

It is also a good idea to consult and work with a professional lawyer when deliberating on documents. With a professional’s help, you may be able to understand complex terms, vague contract agreements, and other legal documents. As a reference, here are 5 of the most important documents you should be familiar with for your real estate investments. Magazine Mantra will help you a lot in regards to real estate documentation.

Property Tax Receipt

This document is a proof of evidence that the previous owner of the property has no penalties in his or her tax obligations and have paid all his tax liabilities. This document also establishes the legal status of a real estate, that’s why it is essential for a buyer or even the seller to have this kind of legal document. 

Title Search Report

Before you purchase a real estate, it is important that a buyer will see to it that its seller has the legal right to sell the property. Buyer should look for a title search report to ensure that there are no other mortgages or property issues that could hinder a buyer to acquire the ownership of the real estate.

Certificate of Title

The Certificate of Title is a significant document that the seller should have. This document will serve as the evidence of proof that the seller has the legal right to the property and that he or she is owner the particular real estate. This certificate also provides the status of the title based on the inspection of specified public records in your locality.

Layout Plan

A copy of a layout plan or a building plan is also a vital requirement in all your transactions in real estate investment. This document shows the structure of a building that was duly inspected by the authority.

If you’re the buyer and the seller failed to provide this kind of document, then it is better to not to purchase the property for lacking a layout plan indicates a violation of the law.

The Deed of Sale

The deed of sale is the most important document which a buyer or a seller must have in closing a deal in real estate. It is written in this document that the seller transfers his or her property rights to the purchaser. It means that the ownership of the property is acquired entirely by the buyer as they have agreed with the seller. 


In real estate investment, it is important to secure all your transactions and make sure that you get what you have paid for. Upon doing this, you have to provide all the paperwork needed for dealing with all your transactions whether you are a buyer or a seller. Working with a professional attorney also applies to have a more secure negotiation with a property.

Furthermore, the information above may help you as your reference especially when you don’t have a bit of idea of what to prepare for real estate investing. Sites like Ashe Morgan can also be an excellent guide for you to have stable mind when you decide to settle your real estate investments.