Among all the continents of the world, Asia has the largest population with significant number of people living under poverty and deprived of the basic necessities of life. In countries like Myanmar, Thailand, Bangladesh and India where the maximum number of people living in rural areas are poor, face severe amount of deprivation and hardships. Under such circumstances they die out of hunger and starvation or often become violent and aggressive. These unfortunate people need guidance, support and care so that they can rise up from their present unfortunate plight and start leading a positive life.

Gospel for Asia is a Christian non-governmental organization which facilitates the required assistance and support to the deprived people. There are countless people across the globe affected by natural disasters and tragedies caused due to landslide, tsunami, flood or earthquake making them homeless. Gospel For Asia helps these people by offering them shelter, food and the other basic necessities required for their well-being.

Once such natural calamity occurs, it not only robs away the everyday requirements of these destitute people, it also lowers their self-esteem and takes their confidence away to begin a new life. The organization works hard to bring a new ray of hope upon them by helping them in boosting their confidence and hope towards beginning a new life through the messages of Jesus Christ. National missionaries are trained from every country by the organization. They spread the message of God and help to reach out to the deprived victims.

Reach of the Organization:

Gospel for Asia is regarded as one of the most significant organization that works for the underprivileged. The organization has its base in different parts of Asia. The organization runs in countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and India and in other parts of Asia. The organization aims to reach across every corner of Asia and help the underprivileged who live a life of uncertainty and deprivation and enlighten them with the messages and teachings of Jesus Christ.

The community focuses on forming national missionaries so that they can serve their countrymen as the organization discourages the sending of western missionaries. The cultural and language barriers will never be faced by a national missionary, which will further help in serving and understanding the people in a better way.

Organizational Services:

All the members associated with the organization believe that the sole purpose of human life is to serve for humanity. Gospel for Asia provides education to the poor children whose parents cannot pay for their schools. It also propagates against the eradication of social evils of all forms that are a menace to the society. The organization spreads the messages of Jesus Christ to enrich the lives of the common people through his teachings of tolerance, faith and moral conduct.

The message delivered by God brings a sense of peace upon the minds of the people and helps them to get rid of worries and strain from the pressure of life. Gospel For Asia teaches the simple message that serving to people and having faith upon God is the supreme way for joy, happiness and salvation.