So, you and your dearly beloved have said your “I do’s,” tied the knot, and have come here to Thailand to celebrate your honeymoon. That’s great! Now, of course, the question remains – where are you going to stay?

Sifting through facts and figures and hotel minutia isn’t the sort of thing you want to do during the runup to your wedding and honeymoon. Goodness knows you have enough of that already with the wedding planning.

That’s why you’ll want to make it easy on yourself and keep in mind these five simple, yet vital, features when searching for Phuket honeymoon hotels.

  1. Proximity to Metros

A metro may not seem like the most romantic aspect of a honeymoon, but neither is huffing it across a dozen blocks packed with people in the middle of a sweltering summer heatwave. There is a reason why New Yorkers and Londoners, both famous for their penchant for walking, likewise boast two of the most famous subway systems in the world. Even if you’re a born New Yorker or Londoner and embrace long walks as a way of life, you’re going to want to take the Subway or Tube, and Thailand’s major areas follow that model.

As such, you’ll want to make sure your honeymoon hotel is located close to a metro outlet, allowing you to cut down on transit time and get down to what you and your beloved really care about.  

  1. Luxury Spas

If you and your beloved are looking to unwind and relax while still enjoying a little bonding time, it’s hard to top one of the great luxury spas in Phuket. From facials and massages to mud baths, group steams, and so much more, you and your loved one will be pampered and tended to in such a way as to make you feel utterly renewed.

  1. Fine Dining

Nothing says time spent in Thailand quite like a quality fine dining experience. Thailand is proud to be one of the fine dining capitals of Southeast Asia, and when you stay with the best honeymoon hotels in the Phuket area, you’ll be able to enjoy every last delicacy in restaurants which can boast an incredible degree of authenticity and ambience.

  1. Sunset Areas

The sun may be rising on your relationship, but you two still won’t want to miss the incredible view of the sunset afforded by the best luxury hotels afforded to honeymooners staying in Phuket. Many hotels offer special areas, either poolside or in other parts of the resort, where guests can kick back with a drink and their loved one and watch the sunset in a dazzlingly natural display unlike any other.

  1. Lovely Rooms

Last, but not least, there’s the rooms. The best honeymoon suites in Phuket can be quite spacious, feature an incredible display of authentic Thai art, and welcoming enough to make any new couple in love feel at home.

Start your time together the right way by booking your stay at one of the great luxury honeymoon hotels in Phuket.